My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shiver me timbers....

IT'S COLD!  This was my comment to Mossy as we walked this afternoon.  "Weenie" was her reply.  Mossy told of a cold at Yellowstone that froze her eyelids to her cheeks while she slept.  "Why, oh why would you stay so long in such a climate?"  I asked.    She told me it was to attend the fairies festival.  Mossy described a gathering of fairies that only a wild untamed expanse such as Yellowstone could hold.  Fairies from Ireland, Canada, why even Hawaii!  I spit out my coffee on that one.  Picture it:  small fairy, grass skirt, lei, and a buffalo snorting close by.  "Why at one point,"  she pointed out.  "You could not even find a vacant spot at Moose Falls to sit down."  I know better than to ask, but my mouth opens anyway.  "A spot to sit?"  "Yes, the canoes start up Crawfish Creek and we see who survives the Falls."  "See,"  I think,  "I should have kept my mouth shut."  Now I'm picturing tiny canoes with a Mossy relative sitting pointed hat and all holding on for dear life, airborne.  "Survive?"  I sort of squeaked out.  Mossy was delighted with my reaction and begins to pantomime a rather dramatic crash and then subsequent drowning.  One look at my face and she let out a hoot.  "Don't you know that I'm a pulling your leg?  Wee gnomes (as you like to call us) swim like fish.  In fact, one of our favorite past times is to swim upstream with salmon.  You know, a bit of exercise and to keep them company.  Them bears are kinda fun to mess with along the way.  They think they're going to catch dinner swiping under the current and instead up we pops and spits water up their noses! Of course, ya better be ready to REALLY swim after that move."  Mossy is now tight-rope walking the edge of the kitchen cabinets and from the corner of my eye Be'Be' flits in and out of the tree.  "Mossy, will Be'Be' ever leave the Christmas Tree?"  "Not til you take it down" she quipped quickly back.  Now as a rule I can't think of any month of the year that needs twinkle lights like January.  Yes, this means that I don't take down the Christmas tree until......ahhhhh.....Valentines?  Or is it March winds that start the process?  Hmmmm, I think as I pour another cup of coffee......I surely would adore to see that tiny fairy for more than 3 seconds at a time.  But take the tree down early ......................................NEVER!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a fairy in my tree.......

Betcha don't have one of those!!!!!  Actually, can't believe I do.  No sooner had I walked in the front door, wings whirled and a swoosh could be heard.  Be'Be' flew straight from my head to the tree, promptly disappearing within it's branches.  It was only a tiny bit bigger than a firefly and once again I wondered.  "Did I really see that?"  Unequivocally, the answer is YES!  Seriously, who makes this stuff up?  "MosSY", I stamped my foot for effect.  Hmmmm, there was none produced.  

I sat down to watch and wonder.  Wonder.  Tis the season for such.  How many times have I sat with all but the Christmas tree lights on and watched it in awe?  December finds me often beginning a night's sleep in just such a fashion.  I squint, my eyes blurring together the ornaments and lights.  I strain, my eyes searching to see each tiny detail of the years of collections.  I have crooked little beaded candy canes, photos of children's faces tucked into a myriad of handmade frames, even a little first grade rendition of the manger scene drawn on fabric, framed in a hoop.  Handmade creations from my children and grandchildren.  No matter it's current condition, they are on the tree.  Christmas and memories.  They can fill you with warmth.  They can fill you with an almost unbearable yearning.  There are voices and laughter that can no longer be heard but in the corridors of your mind.  They float in your memories sometimes almost seeming to tease as you reach for more......  Just as I started down this bittersweet path, she flew out from behind a Big Bird ornament and back in behind the sequined felt pink elephant.  It was then that I noticed her wings are like baby ferns-fiddle heads as some are called.  However, no fiddle head had I beheld (until now) produced an almost phosphorous glow of sprinkles.   Be'Be' coo-chirps. You want to say it's an infant's coo, but then it seems so similar to a Black Cap Chickadee's chirp.  It's delightful regardless.  An ornament on a branch slightly sways.  There she is again!  She seems to hang suspended as she appears to be studying the ornaments.  Turning to wink my direction she rose ever higher and once again entered the tree somewhat close to Snoopy & his doghouse.  The clock tick tocks.  I began to nod as sleep calls my name.  Stretching out on the sofa, I wonder......of a tiny chirping fairy........of where Miss Mossy has been.........of the delights of this special season..........of wonder itself.........  Oh, may one never lose the pure essence of wonder!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

whaT, whAT, wHAT, a, MOOSE????

gLORY BE!!!! This can only mean one thing.....MOSSY'S BACK!  This was my thought as I rounded the corner of the house.  I needed to check to make sure the Christmas yard blowup of snowmen had fully inflated.   There, nose to nose with the snowmen, stood a moose, YES A MOOSE! He was completely mesmerized by the Snowman globe.....had to be.....or was he missing the snow? 

Oh, whatever...... "MOSSY WHERE ARE YOU?"  And with the abandon of a child, she lept off the porch and squarely onto my shoulders.  Picture one leg on each side of my neck as she managed to create a rats nest of my hair which stood perfectly straight up when she finished.   How does one start yelling at a creature one has missed oh so very much?  Well, I figured it out and I did.  "MOSSY, WHERE IN TARNATION HAVE YOU BEEN?  WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO MY HAIR?  YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH WITH YOUR DISAPPEARING ACT AND........ MOSSY, WHAT IS MOVING IN MY HAIR?????????? "Be'Be', is sleeping so stop yelling at me!  she demanded.  "There is a living thing in my hair?"  I was scared to touch it while simultaneously wanting to shave the whole mess off.  "Oh, here, let me show you".  And with that Mossy's tiny plump hand reached in and rummaged around.  "Good griefus, MOssy!"  I muttered, while trying to not run for a pair of scissors.  "Shhhhhh, your waking her up"  Mossy hissed in my ear, but I couldn't have spoken, if I wanted to.  Before my nose, held in Mossy's chubby little hand was a creature of pure enchantment.  She stretched and she yawned and I was spellbound for sure.   Looking much like a Gerber baby except for the wings, she winked at me.  She was oh so very tiny from her perfect little fingers to her tiny perfect toes.   Her wings began to whirl much like a hummingbirds and seemingly began scattering a fine sprinkle of glow-in-the-dark-dust around her in a halo.  Rising from MOssy's hand she settled back onto the top of my head and briefly I thought I heard the tiniest of sighs. Sarcastically, I asked if Mossy planned on staying around for abit.  Can you please, explain why we so often lash out when all we would rather do is hug someone (or gnome) until they begged for mercy?  Poof.  Aaahhh, I'd done it again, but I knew she would be hanging around regardless of "poofing".  Because, as you see, even now I could hear slight snores coming from the Be'Be' in my hair!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mossy ????

Silence.  I have NOT found it to be very golden.   November 2nd was the last time I saw Mossy as she rode away with a herd of buffalo.  Thinking she would "appear" as she so often has, I didn't think much of the silence until it stretched on and on and on...........   Obviously, the return from Yellowstone was without one small gnome.  Was this it?  Mossy appeared one day around three years ago.  Would she disappear as unexpectantly as she had appeared?  These questions as well as a thousand others kept me company in the silence of the shop, in the silence of the house, in the silence of the gently falling leaves.....

I found myself going back to the beginning.......  Wee Thomas jumping from one pumpkin after another, as if they were tiny trampolines.   I was digging through a vast supply of dried safflower, pods, hydrangeas, etc......   Alone, or so I thought.  Admittedly, my eyes were somewhat glazed over from several hours of creating lovelies when I heard the tinkle of a bell.  Drawn to the sound I watched with fascination as a small boy sprang from first a Fairytale pumpkin to a Cinderella, to a Wee-Be-Little, and then to a Baby Boo.  Don't you just love the names of all the varieties of pumpkins?   No sooner would I open my mouth to speak, he would disappear, only to reappear elsewhere.  The first afternoon of this "gnome-spotting" continued in this manner.  If I drew nearer to the Lil Pumpkemons, no appearances.  If I returned to my creating, bells and sightings.  Truly, I regretted the end of this day!!!!  I left whispering of my return.  Surely, I would see him again!!  Memory fails on the exact amount of time, but I do know that Thomas entertained me for sometime before he ever spoke.  Customers would be browsing and suddenly he would appear hanging from their purse or sitting on their shoulder.  His favorite (or so it appeared) would be to ride on the pumpkin arrangements straight to the checkout counter.  How this was done without detection, I have no clue but the pure entertainment value was priceless!  Many a moment, I would duck behind a counter stifling my giggles.  Seriously, customers are not quite sure how to take unexplicable sudden outburst of laughter.    

"You left it on."  These were his first whispered words to me.  He pointed to the glue gun as he spoke them and POOF. 

Oh POOF on me!!!!! Memory lane has just created a rather "well done"  pumpkin loaf!   I shake off the memories as reality needs a few burned edges pinched away.  "Mossy?" I question outloud.   Mossy, would most definitely have a comment or two for my latest culinary feat.   Silence.

I miss my friend.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

where the buffalo roam........

in Yellowstone park, to a complete stop we came.  A huGe herd of HuGe buffalo stood casually on the road.  This was after all, their territory, their park, so move over vehicles!  This is not an everyday occurrence, however for this East Texan.  So, grabbing a camera and rolling down my window, I snapped this pic of one looking straight at me.   "Crooked Horn."  Mossy informed me, was his name.  Mossy came into view riding one of the smaller of the herd.

 Please explain, if you can why any of this would surprise me.  I found myself asking the obvious, "Mossy,  what are you doing?"  She flipped a red curl back and rolled her eyes heavenward.  "Wouldn't you ride a buffalo, if you could?" she retorted.    Well, she had me there.  Seriously, wouldn't you? 

Who, indeed, wouldn't want with the abandon of our Native American ancestors to run with a herd of buffalo?  To know the wildness of an untamed land and to see a vista of which few had viewed?  Yellowstone gives one a glimpse of that possibility.   It fires the imagination in it's rugged beauty.   One can easily picture:  crouched with bow-pulled taut,  a moccasin's-clad fellow at the edge of the treeline.  Before him an elk and his cow.  With nostrils flaring the elk starts as he catches the scent of danger.  The arrow flies, but in a rare occurrence misses its mark.  The two run free as does their hunter.  Free, freedom from so much of what fills our ever-waking moments.  

Slowly, the buffalo move around our car, seeming to pretty much ignore it and it's occupants.  And for a while I moved on with them.  In my mind, Crooked Horn and I rode alongside Mossy and her friend.  We headed down the rolling hill listening to the occasional snort and rumble from the herd.  A crystal clear stream beckoned ahead as it dipped and bubbled over rock.   As Old Faithful could be seen in the distance I wondered if they sought it's warmth in proximity for a night's rest.   With a toss of his head the largest bull  broke into a trot as we grew closer to the stream.  Funny, he didn't drink but stood proudly with his head held high as most of the herd did.   Why, was that a stagecoach splashing through a shallow area of the stream? 

The buffalo is a symbol of a vanished past, a link to a frontier heritage.  However, no romantic notion of such should ever cloud one's view of an animal that still remains wild.  Buffalo at Yellowstone number close to 4000 in the park and can weigh over 2000 tons.  They still can and do inflict injury on any observer who fails to maintain their distance.  So despite my daydream, as Crooked Horn steps toward the car, I lean back and quickly put up my window.  The herd passes on.  But despite, a quick warning from me Mossy continues her journey with them.  Maybe Mossy can tell me where they will rest for the night...............  Now was that a parasol I saw in the window of that stagecoach?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mossy's Moose!!!!

Clippity-clop, clippity-clop. What an odd noise to hear growing louder by the moment in a hotel hallway.  You know the saying....curiousity killed the cat......  But, admittedly, I prefer the ending of.....satisfaction brought him back!   So with this in mind, I slowly opened the door, peeking out....

  GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY (or Mossy, in this case)! Mossy had made it to Wyoming!

The adorable moose moved steadily along as Mossy pirouetted upon his back! Transfixed, I watched as she dropped to each side.  "Just like Wild Bill!" she cried.  Together they rounded the corner with a snort from the moose and a YeeHaw from Mossy.    Wasn't that the moose stationed down in the lobby?  THE BRONZED STATUE?  Where had the little imp been for 2 days?  More importantly, could I manage to get that little moose back to Texas?  Do you think the resort would notice anything missing? 

Realizing that I was standing in the hall alone, with yes, my mouth hanging open yet again.   I jumped back through my doorway  and yelled after the two performers.  "Have a grand day, Mossy!  You betcha!" she yelled back. "Me and this Mangy Moose are heading to Yellowstone!" 

Hmmm.....Yellowstone may never be the same after this particular twosome.  I couldn't help wondering if I should warn a Park Ranger or two!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walk a caterpillar!

Glancing out the window, what should I see?  Mossy leading the very green creature pictured above with a leash.  Granted, the going was a wee bit slow, but both seemed to be very content and in full conversation. 

 I  love the way Mossy knows how to embrace a moment.

Seriously, she seems to grab hold of it with both tiny hands and absorb every minuscule of it.  Now please don't misunderstand.  I do NOT mean that she is a whirling dervish of productivity, or a multi-tasker extraordinaire or even a mountain moving momma (anthill in her case).
She simply knows (perhaps instinctively) how to embrace the simple things of life.  I heard something today and was struck by the truth of it.

 Dear Diary, I notice we put more and more emphasis on our homes and spend less and less time in them.  I just came back from a neighborhood full of lovely houses in the middle of the day and they were all empty.  They were like vessels to hold the life you want, but have no time to have.

  Mossy gets time.   She knows how to fill a moment, so most certainly a home.  She can rip through it with total abandon or sit still and hear it's rhythm.    She knows the sound of the clock in the hall, the whirl of the living room's ceiling fan, the creak of the pantry's door and the faint music of the fountain outside the window.
When was the last time I "heard" the music of my home and filled the vessel to the rim?  

Now having said that, I look out to find Mossy and the wee green creature on the rim of the fountain!  The two are waltzing!   Yes, just picture the commercial of the father with his daughter's feet on top of his and you can get the gist of the two outside my window.  Bells tinkled.  Enchanted,

I watched and wished for myself and you too,
a vessel not only filled to the brim,
 but running oVer with whimsy today!!!!

excerpt from Deanne Fitzpatrick's Diary

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..............


mOSSY's first ever contest has a winner:  2dayisgood   CONGRATULATIONS!!  

When I say drum roll please,  I am only stating what I am experiencing!  Midnight, yes, midnight cymbals clashed in the computer room/office/craft room/guest bedroom (a room of many hats).    Five thirty seven found Mossy marching down the hall with a what appears to be a band uniform on and a large baton!  I found evidence of confetti on the coffee table and a wee bottle of champagne was empty on the kitchen counter.  Hmmmmmm........ 

BUT, the ultimate was not a rooster crowing this morning in Tyler, Texas, but a rather noisy series of firecrackers!  I grabbed my phone and got these shots of a display just for Tammie!!!!!! Our total corn count was 1515 and YOU were soooooooo close.  Our second place is a wee dark-haired beauty with 1101!  Mossy insist on a second place prize as well, for Miss Kylee Grace.  We do, however, need a mailing address for our winner.  Please email and a goody or two will be winging its way soon!

Now, with a huge day ahead of us and more goodies to make we bid you adieu!  OH NO!  more fireworks!  I crack the window to warn and hear instead of some talk of another contest..........SOON!  Who on earth is she talking to?
What will it be?
Stay tuned...
same Mossy (Batman) channel....

p.s. you have to be oooold to "get" the Batman reference above!  :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Time's ALMOST UP!!!

Mossy warns all that midnight is approaching fast......  We have been making lovelies all day and I have included a few pics.  We are however, exhausted!!!!!  Forgive us if the winner does not get posted until the morning!  GOOD LUCK!!! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everythings coming up RoSeS!!!!

I must confess....I've been keeping a secret from Mossy!  Yes, this morning it was reiterated to me at FOUR O'CLOCK that this was a wise decision.  For you see, 2400 roses have arrived at Harvey Hall for MOssy to play with.  As we both have been counting "her corn" I knew she would be able to relate to the amount (even though she's watching-I'm counting) and I just knew this knowledge would be too much...... 

"Mossy, guess what we are doing tomorrow and WHERE we will be working?" I sorta slid this in while heating dinner.  "Hmmmmm,"  she replied rather distractedly, as she appeared behind the cookbooks carrying something in her hand.  " Mossy," softly I called.  "TWENTY FOUR HUNDRED ROSES"  I yelled this jumping up and down (I guess Mossy's not the only rather excitable one around here).  She staggered to the middle of the counter, she zombie-vied leaned this way and that, she spun, she circled and KERPLUNK.  Unto her back she fell, stiff as a corpse, holding a small rosebud in her hands straight up.  Need I say what she looked like?  The show was most worthy of applause and more jumping up and down which she joined me in this time.  As the evening wore on, I believe her number of questions rivaled the number of roses!  "No, Mossy I don't know exactly how many vases.  No, Mossy I'm not sure there are any Fema Roses (my favorite-she knows this), or Tea Green Roses (her favorite)".  We talked of all the lovelies to be created until the wee hours.  I slept with roses dancing in my head until I awoke with Mossy's feet dancing on my pillow.  The wee one could not contain her excitement.  "Lets go!  Let's go! she nudged as she jumped from one foot to another.  "Oh, oh, how many boxes of moss?" this she asked almost reverently.  "moSSY, SLEEP I MUST OR NARY A ROSE WILL YOU SEE!  I threatened.  This is rather an empty threat.  For how would I keep her from going?  "I want to see sheep not roses, pleeeeeeeeease." 

Let me just interject at this point that it's SIX a.m.!  Neither sheep nor sleep were to be found since FOUR!  I would like to say tis ALL been the pixie, but truthful that would not be.  But then, let's face often do any of us (forgive me) stop to smell the roses?  When, indeed,  will I EVER have twenty-four HUNDRED roses to play with again?  Mossy's right.  Why not fully enjoy each moment we have of the gift of such beauty?  So, eagerly we both await, the moments of today.  Wishing for you, too, a day of roses, of realization, of moments to pause, of roses to see...... 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Mossy

Need to relax? What better than a hot bath?  This was the thought one Columbus Day evening.  How was I to know that Mossy was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of me?  How was I to know that as a Columbus MOssy she had been sailing from one end of the tub to the other discovering the Americas ALL day?  Inform me she did, however, of her AMAZING feat. 

"MOssy I do believe Christopher beat you to it in 1492."  "Humph," she replied as she used my razor to navigate the treachorous waters.  Dodging the rubber ducky she shared her tale.  "We watched him as he landed and THOUGHT he was the first.  Did he realize how many were watching?  Naaaaaaa!  Too busy gloating and demanding and bossing to see what was unseen.  This seemed abit high handed to me, but who am I?"  I thought.    "Can you share how many and WHAT was watching?"  I asked.  Ramping up the back of the tub and back down with a swoosh she simply grinned and saluted.  "Well, will your discovering conclude soon?" I whined abit.    Shocked!   That's what she was at this  mere suggestion of an end in sight.  "Greatness,"  she replied  "Cannot be limited!"  I surveyed the scene before me.  Tub toys danced about Mossy as she rode the bow of a toy sailboat.  She struck a pose, pushing her nose forward, shading her eyes, squinting as if to see the undiscovered shore. 

Honestly, limitations?   I pondered it all.........
Limitations of the tub parameters?  Limitations of her size?  A toy sailboat?  A razor for an oar? The limitations of an imagination? The answer came......nope, none in sight!!!! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wal-Mart Mossy

First, I'm just going to get it out of the way......please, forgive me.  Mossy promised her SuPrise pRize to be posted yesterday and YES, I had the nerve to fall asleep on the sofa.......  Of course, sleep has a different definition when EVERYTIME you turn over, Mossy pokes you in the ribs.  It tis a testament to age that I endured and slept on!

Peace (peace from MOssy that is), is what I seek with determination this morning.  Now I must admit I can not completely shoulder ALL the blame.  I have been awaiting the knowledge of the prize as well as you.  It wasn't until a late evening run to Wal-Mart that it became known.  Slipping through the middle of the store (never do I follow the main isles)  there she was!!!!!  Across the top of a jewelry display she was doing Michael Jackson's infamous "thriller" dance! 

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
There ain't no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl
Thriller, thriller night

Let me just say right here....AIN'T NO SIGHT LIKE MOSSY "GETTING DOWN" WITH THE KING OF POP!!!!! Frozen in my tracks, I watched at least 3 rounds of the whole song.  Freezing in her tracks, she pointed down.  There it was (should have known) her pic for your prize.  The little imp would not speak, blink or move until I had deposited the prize in the basket.  Then turning and kicking out a thriller pose and a quick wave goodbye (as if to an audience) she jumped into the basket and POOF.  Do you ever turn a corner in Wal-Mart and find someone staring in a stupor?  I seem to on a regular basis.  Do you think their Mossy is performing?  Thoughts to ponder this thursday morn............

p.S.  Mossy wants me to add that there will be a "wee Mossy touch" to surprise the winner.  And NO, she's not going to tell me yet!    So don't delay, enter today..............

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Munday, Munday.....

some Mondays certainly deserve more of the above spelling, don't you think?  Mundane at best......  Murphy's law loves Mondays, etc. etc......   BUT a Mossy Monday, well that is anything BUT mundane.

   She was waiting for me when I returned home this afternoon.  Opening the refrigerator to tuck in a gallon of milk, she awaited me.  She was behind the juice.  If it had not been for the sound of tinkling bells (her laughter) I'd have had quite a fright indeed.  She tossed a grape straight at my nose, shoved an orange out and onto the floor and POOFED as she stood on the bacon.  Mercy, Mossy!  Admittedly, there is a certain look, a pose, a tilt of her head, a toss of a get the picture, that can strike a wee bit of fear in the even halfway intelligent!  I mean, let's face it,  Mossy has alot in common with the Tasmanian Devil.  Now here, I must share that Mossy can not read!  I have mentioned that she loves her blog, but I read her HER blog.  I sorta leave out some comments (vital to my health).  I circled the kitchen busying myself with putting up groceries, but this time with the eye of the wary.  I felt her presence.  She knew it, too.  Timing is everything.  Stephen King could take notes on Mossy's suspense building, here she comes, appearances.

"Ladies and Gents" I heard her before I saw her.  "In the first ring you will witness my friends as they circle for your viewing pleasure!'  Blinking,  I stood dumbfounded, AGAIN!  A box of animal crackers lay open on its side.  And, yes, animal crackers were circling in the air as if suspended with fishing line holding them, but couldn't see.   "The ring" appeared to be around my head.    Here is where Mossy begins to lay out on the counter laughing!  "Mossy, could your friends perform over, perhaps, closer to you?"  This threw her into another fit of laughter as she threw her hands up in the air.  "You should see your face" she giggled more.  "Your eyes cut from side to side!"  "And yours would to, with animal crackers before your nose," I retorted.   She rolled this way and that across the cutting board and finally coming to a stop next to the Cool Whip.  Flipping the lid off with the blink (or wink) of her eye she scooped up a dollop and..... hurled it into the air!  "Food fight!"  No sooner were the words out, but my performing friends dove straight into the cool whip and out with the speed of light.  Puffs of Cool Whip filled the air like a January snow.  Ducking one or two I searched for a perch to watch the fun from.  That is.....until...... backing up Mossy tipped over the candlestick, which hit the bowl, knocked over a picture frame, shattered a cup and the grand finale was her landing into a filled-to-the-brim pie shell.  If you've ever visited, you know that this is quite possible.  As I tend to "layer" as I call it. any surface or space! :)  Perhaps on any other day without a looming deadline, we might have all continued the folly, but this was MONDAY!  That pie MOssy's behind was in was due to the neighbors in seconds.  That cup was a favorite from a B and B in Vicksburg and now bits of "snow" were scattered onto ALL!  Slowly I turned my head.....step by step...slooooowwwwlllllly I reached for the cherry covered imp....... POOF!  Knew that was coming, didn't ya?  I held my tongue (most unusual), but stomped around as I spiffied and cleaned and started a new pie.  I, fortunately had the ingredients, we were only a "wee" late -me & the pie that is!

Have you a Tasmanian Devil in your life?   Ahhhhh, you need one, my friends:  be it a willful child, a spontaneous spouse, an adventuresome friend.   They will drive you NUTS and then touch your heart as none other can.   On my return in the exact location of all that had gone wrong was such a sweet little valentine by my wee little friend.  The moment I saw it a tear or two sprang.  The moment I saw it she sprung into view. 

"I heart you"  she whispered as she twisted a curl and looked sheepishly down.  Then springing into the air she flung me a kiss and had poofed before landing as she would have!

How does one find a heart of a potato?  I dare say no other exist!   What others can't, those Tasmanians can do!  So for you,
                        this morn
                                    I wish a Mossy or two
                                                       for the mischief and the mayhem,
                                                                                   and MOST of all
                                                                                                 that you may be hearted, too!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maddie's Magnificant Mini's

grace several corner's of my wee house!  With  teensy tiny lumps of clay she makes magic & whimsy come alive!  In fact, just say the word and it appears in miniATURE encased and ready just for you!!!!!  So on a wee little shelf in a wee little room sits a frog having just captured a fly on his tongue!  Well, that is until in the middle of the night while I was scuffling around with Advil in my hand did I notice the box was EMPTY .   Who took my frog?  Well in the middle of the night, as that time would have it, the next thought is:  uh, I'll take care of that in the morning, or I didn't really notice that, or Mossy, again, etc.etc.etc.  Truthfully, until a morning cup of coffee and breath of fresh air did memory return of the night's discovery.  AND truthfully, I did not remember UNTIL there it was!  Was that it?  I jumped from my chair and grabbed my phone to take pictures.  YES, YES, YES!!!!  The magnificent mini was sitting on a rock!  A rock beside a pond!  A pond OUTSIDE!
Why, oh why, should I ever be surprised, but yes, indeedy, I continue to be!  "MOSSY", I exclaimed, as I moved even closer.  Silence met me.   

 Giving up on immediate answers, I moved back to my perch and was captured by the play of the morning in Pandora.  Pandora is glorious in the morn and this morn twas no different.  Creatures great and small come in to see and to be seen (I suspect).     Cardinals (at least 8) gathered in a rather informal breakfast meeting, chattering back & forth.  Koi swirled in colors of orange and red and gold.  A young squirrel stretched scratching or was it......yes, he was actually putting on deodorant!  Another flicked her tail, challenging the little upstart to a romp on the limbs.  Swooping in from a neighbor's yard were nuthatches and wrens chattering of upcoming events and what the news of the previous day had been.  I caught a snippet of the hawk's ruckus and how disgusted they all were by his deed.  Poor little wren, she'd had not a chance.  And to think he'd had the audacity to sit in the driveway and gloat!  Don had actually snapped a pic of the culprit catching him in the act.  You'll have to look close, that is, if you want to see the dastardly deed!!!!!!

Enraptured by all that was before me and listening intently...... I failed to see... one wee little frog move its locale.  Until..........
Yellow boy was chasing Red-Head and I noticed a tiny frog watching!  Then I heard the bells (Mossy's laughter).  "What are you doing with MY frog, Miss Mossy?"  I asked.  "YOURS??" she demanded stomping her foot.  "Since when does Pearl belong to YOU?"  "Since Maddie made her for me," I quickly shot back. 
"MINE - MINE - MINE" she grew louder with each mine until I saw Pearl cover her ears.  "Okay, FINE (I knew a lost battle when I saw one).   Mossy, Pearl better find her way back unto a certain shelf when the fun of the morning's frolic concludes."      POOF! 

And so the morning progressed and it wasn't long til I roamed into a wee little room with a wee little shelf and a saw a wee little Pearl in her box!

To see more of Maddies' Magnificants and INSANE Envelopes (fantastic cheeky creations), check out her blog at:   Or link below!

And don't forget to enter Mossy's contest....see the previous blog for details! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mossy wants YOU......

Kicking off my shoes, I dropped onto the sofa like a sack of potatoes.   "Pssst...  Pssssst....." she even managed to make this sound screechy.  "I know if I ignore you, you WILL go away."  I mumbled in a barely audible whisper.  With both hands full of my eyelashes, Mossy pulled & tugged to pull open my eyelids,  "You gotta play, you gotta play."    Peace was non-existent,  as long as she was this determined.  So pop open my eyes I did.   "What do you want to play?"  I questioned, as I checked to see if I STILL had ANY eyelashes.  What followed once again left me without words.  NOW, she doesn't just want ME to play, but YOU get to enter into the game, as well. 

She began with her lunch.  It would appear that while she & Crazyhorse had corn for lunch, he more or less insulted/dared/teased (you pick) the little imp.  Crazyhorse told Mossy that corn was good, but she too young to count it.  Okay, I'll say it for you....WHAT?  Yes, Crazyhorse.  Are you wondering, as I, if Mossy now communes with Indian spirits?   When I voiced the question, the eyes did roll.  Mossy, by the way, does this in a superb, drama-mama way, of which, any eye-rolling female could only dream to emulate.   But that ole Crazyhorse BE WRONG!!!  she cried indignantly.  Me & Pearl we counted alllllllllll afternoon and we know the answerGuess it, guess it," she chanted.   What am I guessing?   "Follow me,"  and follow I did.  She lead me straight to the jar pictured this point I just thudded my own self in the head...... I just truly should have known that no vegetable servings had been met that day.


Mossy tells me there will be a prize for the most accurate guess and that you can enter as many guesses as you would like.  She will conclude her contest on October 15th at midnight.   

She, ALSO tells me that there WILL be a prize that we will mail to the lucky winner!  She would like to heighten the suspense of WHAT the prize would be, so I am to tell you that the prize will be announced next Wednesday! 

So tune in to find the surprise of Mossy's prize and meanwhile, guess, guess, guess.....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an East Texas Fair and a wee little gnome....

met for the first time tonight!  I'd suspected she'd hitched a ride when reaching for a lipstick I came up empty-handed.   You know how most of our purses have a side pocket inside we stuff full?  And you know how frustrating it is when you reach to grab your goodie and it's empty?  Well, ladies I'm here to tell you this is a favorite traveling perch for gnomes and fairies.  Gnomes & fairies who kick out the goodies to make room to stretch as they hitch a ride!  Uhhhh, I quite accidentally came unto this bit of info lately (for sure another story).

I didn't spot her though, until I stood transfixed by the ferris wheel.  The seat LOOKED empty with no heads sticking up, but the entire thing was rocking to & fro in the opposite direction of the swings.  Okay, here I must admit, I still wasn't paying close attention until the sparkler came into view.  Speechless, I edged closer thinking NO WAY, BUT wAY!!!!!!  She skillfully leaped to the edge of the fastened door and with one last huge wave of her fading-fast sparkler jumped to the ground.   She strutted past me with nary a glance.  Now here is where my mouth fell wide open!  On her back, visible because of her Junk Gypsy tank top (Now how did she get that from one of my favorite junksters?) was a HUGE PINK hEART tAToo!  

I hastened to catch up as she trotted into a pavilion.  PIGS, pigs, pigs, here and there and everywhere!  BUT, no Mossy!   I dashed into another pavilion to find COWS, cows, cows, here and there and everywhere!  BUT, no Mossy.  It twas then when I heard quite the commotion.  A commotion creating a stampede from the petting corral.  Parents snatched up children running pell-mell out the gate.  Why even the obvious gatekeeper had jumped the fence and fled the pen.   Dodging the masses, I found my little culprit on the back of a small black & white goat.   She scowled even harder as she clutched two fists of hair.  The goat was in full bucking-bull mode and quite intent on ridding his back of its rider.  Mossy let go!!!!  I yelled over the commotion!  Never, she screeched, this little sucker took a bite of my hair!  Dirt, flew in about every direction it could, as the billy goat spun ever faster!  "Mossy, don't use that word," I admonished as I pondered the scene before me.  This was quite the mess how on earth could it end? No sooner the thought than end it did.  That little billy goat just lowered his head,  providing the way for Rodeo Mossy to exit.  She regally climbed between its ears and off his nose.  She turned shaking her finger at billy and then cut her eyes to me.  Exaggerating a stretch and a yawn ,she announced it was time to go home.  Rolling my eyes, I'd had enough.  But wait, just as I opened my mouth to inquire of a  pink heart tatoo ........poof !  Geepers!  So I stamped my foot in frustration and asked of its origin just the same right outloud.  The billy goat turned and mumbled one word.......fake.  WHAT?  Did a goat just answer? Well, yes, it appeared he had.   For he followed it up with a swish of his tail and a wink of his eye, again!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a WiNk of wHimsEy: a picture's worth a thousand words......

a WiNk of wHimsEy: a picture's worth a thousand words......: "so here's Mossy! Of course, this is my attempt to draw that you might see the saucey little imp. Believe me when I say it does not do ..."

a picture's worth a thousand words......

so here's Mossy! Of course, this is my attempt to draw that you might see the saucey little imp.   Believe me when I say it does not do her justice, but does catch a bit of the "attitude"! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Okay, I admit it.......I like to play dress up!  Below is evidence of my latest as Julia Childs.  Yes, it's for promoting a great event, but it was MY idea to don the garb.   In my preparations for the costume, Halloween came up yet again.  "Now what happens on Halloween?"  questions an impatient Mossy.  "They give away caNDY?  I'll dress up, too!   Guess what I'm going to be?  Guess what I'm  going to be?"  As she chanted on and on, I couldn't help but think of the obvious.........why not.......a gnome?  Unfortunately (for me), I uttered these words out loud.  One moment my polish remover had been on the end table and the next, well, let's just say I have a pair of jeans for painting in.  "I do declare, Mossy that if I can get my hands on you.........." You can see who's turn it was to chant on and on now.  After a bit of ranting, I suddenly realized I was quite alone.  Freaky.  Where was she?  This was one of those moments, like when a toddler gets quiet that you KNOW somethings going down.  These somethings are rarely good.


I froze as I rounded the bar, my Julia Childs' pillbox hat was moving!   It seemed to float an inch or so off the floor and was heading straight to me!  It had to be her, right?  Gulp! And then I heard her.."Su-Surprise!" and with a grunt and a heave Mossy threw the hat off to the side.  Oh, Glory be!  It was an outfit that perfectly duplicated mine until you got to the feet.  Julia Childs stood below and in front of me, a gnome that is, dressed like Julia Childs.  She had on the classic pumps, but unfortunately the hose she wore were hot pink fishnets!  I slapped my hand over my mouth, just in time.  I feared what piece of clothing I would lose next, if this laugh escaped.

"Your her"  I cried instead.  " By George (or rather Julia), you've done it!  Mossy beamed with pride and began to strut for all to see (this would be me).  My last glimpse of the wee Julia for the day was a memorable one for sure!  She had slipped outside and stood on the porch railing.  Below her as if she were holding court, six doves listened quite intently.  What was she saying?  I thought as I cracked open a window.  Yes, there it was again.  In a lilting screech she did her best with none other than Julia's greeting,  Bon Appetit! And to you, Bon Jour!!!!!

a WiNk of wHimsEy: Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was...

a WiNk of wHimsEy: Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was...: "a good friend of mine....... These were the screechy words of song I began to hear above the clanking of dishes. Is there (might I ask) an..."

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was...

a good friend of mine.......  These were the screechy words of song I began to hear above the clanking of dishes.  Is there (might I ask) anything remotely more boring than emptying a dishwasher?  Well, not anymore for me this morn.  Creeping down the hall I began to hear splashing accompanying the song.   Peeking around the corner there she was!  Mossy bathing in my frog fountain!!! Water was tossed every direction as she flitted from level to level in a.........OH NO!  Can you guess, YES, that's it ....A YELLOW POLKA-DOT BIKINI!  Wow what a sight to behold......let's just say Special K would NOT be featuring this model for their commercials (either before or after shots).  HeHeHe, Mossy was so absorbed in her play, she had yet to notice me watching (or so she wanted me to think).  Seriously, who knows how a gnome thinks.  It was then I noticed her shoes.  Want to guess again?  Sorry, you couldn't.  Dorthy's red slippers.  Well, she knew I watching now, for I had to sit down I was laughing so hard.  "Fiddle dee dee" was her only acknowledgement, as she grew even louder in song and play. 

I watched for awhile as her play was contagious.  Then I began to hear it again, woRK, reSPONSIBILITIES, and choRES calling.  Wait, I noticed as I turned to leave.....  a small wee pumpkin on Mossy's moss.  As you would guess the obvious, Mossy adores moss.  ALL moss, mood moss, reindeer moss, sphagum moss, etc. etc.  For the wee one, I try to keep several containers with strictly moss as an occupant scattered about the house.  One of these is above the fountain.  This one filled with mood moss.  in particular, is a favorite for an afternoon nap, but never have I seen anything on it, but Mossy. 

FINALLY, YOU CAN SEE IT, TOO!!!!!!!  I snap picture after picture of the wee little gnome but never does her image appear, but her PUMPKIN DOES!  Hope you enjoy it.........tickles me pink or orange in this case. 

 And so, humming, I load the dishwasher......Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a

Sunday, September 26, 2010


don't we all seek it ceaselessly?  A visual of Mossy balancing on an egg a few blogs back comes quickly to mind.  If Mossy had lost her balance she would have plunged into a rather icky mess (also created one for ME to clean up).  And don't we find ourselves in an "icky mess" when we over or even under commit to the wrong or even right thing?  I can seriously say from experience MISERY rules the day.  It's as if a two year old picks up a crayon and begins to color every surface in the house and the coloring book.  In other words,  EVERYTHING is colored by imbalance, whether it's the culprit or not. 

Funny thing is that while I ponder "balance" I am laying on my back on the living room floor.  Above me the ceiling fan turns slowly around.  Unconsciously at first, the wobble of the fan goes unnoticed until a small flip-flop clad foot dangling off one side comes into focus.  Good gracious, MOSSY!!!!!!  A tiny chuckle followed, but there was no change in the dangling.   I'm not sure how long we had both hung out in those positions, she above and me below, when suddenly, Mossy peeked over the edge of the fan and the spitball landed on my cheek.  SPLAT! UGH!  Leaping to my feet the chase was on!  She squealed in delight as she dashed out the back door.   Rushing into Pandora I skidded to a stop (or tried to) to the very edge of the pond  andddddddd OOPS!  Let's just say Princess and Flash (two of our Koi) had to move over.   Mossy tried not to laugh (she really did).  She calmly swung to and fro in the wreath watching with widened eyes.  Seriously, who would have known that my fall decorating would have produced a swing for the wee one?  But it was just too much for me,  first I started with giggles then huge yelps of laughter.   There I sat in about 28" deep water wiping away both tears and pond water from my eyes.   Princess, Flash, Fish, Suzy, Jake, and Cora  (Koi, Shebunkins, & Comet Goldfish) circled me in the pond.   And to think, this all began with......what? .....really?........BALANCE?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I kissed a boy......

I liked it......  Mossy sang and sang as she Cha Cha'd around the TV.  "You've changed the lyrics", I pointed out to the wee cowboy boot clad gnome.  "Whatever", she replied.  Obviously, someone had been watching DANCING WITH THE STARS last night.   "I want Kyle and Lacey to winNNNNN!", she sang to her previous tune.  Suddenly, she jumped onto the ottoman using it as a springboard landed on the sofa table, grabbing the arms of a goblin for a partner.  Surely, not........  BUT SURELY SO!  No sooner than her hands touched his off they went across the room!   Not only was the Goblin now dancing but crooning like a Frank Sinatra of old.  He sang his own version, OF COURSE !    Wow, who needs TV?  Then I chuckled, evidently they did!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

in my coffee this morning a toffee nut creamer.....

with a dollop of AN ACORN TOP?  As I sat in Pandora (my backyard) this morn sipping and looking about.  A feather of black and of white sashayed down from above directly in front of my nose.  Hmmmmm.  But the next rude addition of an acorn top in my coffee and the splash of the brew to my clothes, brought a .....MOSSY NOW STOP IT!!!!  Not me, not me, she laughed with delight as she hopped about the pond.  Look up, look up and then you will see!  So look I did and COULD NOT BELIEVE!  On every branch and marching up the trunk were wee little men as far as I could see.  When I say wee, I mean wee!  Their bodies were pine cones and on top of each head sat quite jauntily was an acorn top.  Small paint cans & brushes or saws were carried by each as they marched in what looked like formation.  There were however a few up to mischief and need I say which kind were directly above me? What are they, Mossy?  Woods-elf's she declared as she skipped over rocks.    Mossy what are they doing?  And it's then when I got it.......the "you've got to be kidding me, right"  look.  DO YOU THINK THOSE LEAVES JUST TURN RED, YELLOW, ORANGE BY THEMSELVES?  The more she explained the louder she got, AND DO YOU THINK LEAVES FALL OFF CAUSE THEY WANT TO?

I was dumbfounded....
And I was late to work .......

Mossy and I dashed into get ready and as I got dressed she expanded.  You see, apparently, there are multiple tribes and their nomads in every right.  They travel by air to their next job and I don't mean American Airlines, she added. Okay, at this point, I pinched myself, I mean, I do talk to gnomes, but WOODS-ELVES?
Of course, I couldn't stand it.  Late or not, I ran out to Pandora to get one more gander of what was in those branches above.  Gone.  NOT A ONE!  How could it be?  I KNEW IT!  I cried, malarkey it was, as I grabbed up my purse and my keys. 

See this is the reason, one sees what one sees, said the wee little red head from above.  She swung from the pot rack and shook her bright curls.  Pointing one finger, she said with disdain, and so you wonder of why all is missed, surrounded by all you don't see, the reason is clear it's the obvious answer, you believe not of what is right there.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

trick or treat.......

smell my feet, give me something good to eat.........  Oh, how I wish you could have seen her as she sashayed across the floor.  Mossy had HOUNDED me until I relented.  "Okay,"  I agreed.  "I will get out the Halloween decorations!"  It would appear that Halloween ranks up with weddings on a Mossy scale.  Each Fall comes a calling and so does the illness.  Boxes and boxes of what anyone with sanity would throw away gets unwrapped and scattered over all that will sit still.  Why do I do this?  That could be a million dollar answer, if anyone I knew had a million or two......... 

Treat or treat, smell my feet.......  Now picture the little imp with a dog's Halloween jester collar on.  And if that's not enough add the matching hat complete with slits for a puppy dogs ears.  Now place sticking up with total abandon Mossy's red curls through these slits.   As if this was not entertainment enough, it suddenly hit me what the costume clad imp was doing.................LINE DANCING!  Yep, move over goat-ropers, here comes Mossy!  YeeHaw!  Now, here, I must admit to jumping right in and joining the fun down the hall.   Boot scootin boogie........  We boogied up pumpkins all over the house.  The pumpkins were tall.  The pumpkins were small.  They leered and they jeered or had no face at all.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm getting married in the morning.......

DING DONG the bells are going to chime......or so the song goes......and so the bells chimed for one this Saturday.   MOSSY LOVES WEDDINGS!  This was an entirely new revelation this weekend.  What's NOT to love she chanted as she dashed between the legs (unseen by them of course) of the stagers, the caterers, and we who dripped flowers off every surface that could be bedazzled with the scented blooms.  She was completely mezmerized by the disco lights that lined the entire reception room where many would dance the night away.  The music throbbed and many hands readied what was sure to be the talk of the town for many days to come.  I watched her dance and watch HERSELF in the reflection of mercury glass vases-she circled the vase as she moved with the beat. 

I walked by a table of floating tea lights & anenome blooms and guess who was bobbing inside one?   Where is your wee little green friend today?  She laughed and swished her tutu in answer.  It was then that I saw her eyes widen in suprise as she looked past me to the front door.  I turned to see what possibly could have rendered Mossy speechless?  Layer number one of the wedding cake entered, layer number two was placed on it' top, then in came three and so on and so on...  What can I say of Mossy's reaction?  Her excitement grew with each layer.  She pirouetted around the layers and dodged the baker's hands.  Mossy.....I whispered, what's come over you....STAY OUT OF THE WAY!  She ignored me quite completely as she twirled ever faster,  MOSSY DON'T YOU DARE CLIMB UP THERE!  Ahhh, but speech was quite useless to the wee little gnome who seemed to have fallen under some wedding cake spell.  I stared just dumbstruck as she scooted to the top and stood there for all to see (now, that is if they only believed).   As I moved slightly closer, I truly could see wee indentions of footprints on each round.  Now what, I thought, as I paced and tried to look busy.  And then came the answer.....the crowning glory of all.......boxes and boxes of flowers of sugar were placed on the layers of cake.   So many in fact, I lost sight of Mossy as she ducked around and through them all.   Suddenly, she appeared quite close to the top and gave me a big thumbs up!  Don't do it, I cried as I saw the gleam in her eye, but too late came the thought!  So let's just say with some assurity that one wee small gnome was the first to taste a certain wedding cake that day!

Friday, September 10, 2010

a drawer full of ?????

Mossy, Good Morning!  I opened the shop.  The cooler hummed, the radio played and even the light bulb that talks could be heard, but no Mossy seemed to stir.  The morning progressed and lovelies were made and just as I thought she must not be here......  I opened a drawer for a snippet of tape and found a snippet of a gnome in its place!  As I drew the drawer open, first to come into view were a pair of pink ballerina slippers tied on red & white tights.  As I continued to pull,a tutu of purple with a plaid jacket of orange was displayed.  Now remember, I warned you of the lack of a match and I had actually underplayed the reality!  I hooted and whooped as the drawer fully opened to reveal the whole picture below.  Still in her mouth was a birthday horn of bright green and on her head a birthday hat of blinking lights.  But the show stopper indeed was her friend of green beside her!  Both still sound asleep, for they must have partyed quite hardy!  Oh, what a sight they presented!  At this point one eye opened and Mossy lifted her hand to motion the drawer to be closed.  Ahhhhhh, Mossy wake up and tell me your tales, but nary a word did she say.  So I sighed and obeyed and carefully closed the drawer on........Miss Mossy her self and the wee tiny frog that matched the matchless, down to the blinking hat on it's head!

A thought suddenly came and I wondered out loud,   WHO'S BIRTHDAY?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a lark of lilacs

Oh how Mossy did frolic today!  Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Freesia, Lemon Leaves, Lisianthus, Tea Leaves, Seeded Eucalyptus and Roses and more.........  She dove into the flowers with an abandon one could only envy.  I heard her splashing beneath the blooms in their water buckets.  Bucket after bucket filled the shop, mixing its' fragrances with an artistry that Chanel could only envy!!!!  As I scooped up a stem of spray roses to process who should I see floating on her back?  I leaned over the bucket and what should I get?  A stream of water straight up from her mouth.   Eeeewwww, I cried while I couldn't help but grin.  Dodging the next stream I reached for the culprit and POOF,  she was gone once again!  Here I am, here I am, she cried from the lemon leaves catch me if you can.  I have work to do Mossy and be about it I must!!  If your not going to help me then please do not hinder. It was as if I had double-dog dared!  She swang from the willow onto the hydrangeas and used them as springs to land on the vases.  She tight-roped walked the rims of the vases and hopped ever higher and higher.  When will these shenanigans stop?  With a customer's entrance I could no longer watch and found silence upon my return.  The afternoon wound to an end.  And ahead of my broom as I swept one last time was always a footprint or two.  Locking the door, I looked up to see the bucket of hypericum berries rocking.  Have fun tonight, Mossy but take extra care!  For the petals you dance on will make lovelies tomorrow.  But as I sit here tonight, I must confide that I wonder and wish I was watching tonight.  The lark and the wonder of a shop full of flowers and the party created there this night!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

get up, get up, get up........

with one last thought to ignore, I cracked open one eye to see feet on my pillow this morn.   Mossy chanted at me:  time has put on her reeboks and I ain't talking the walking models, get up, get up, get up!  Well, past the little imp I could see the clock blinking and Mossy was mostly definitely correct, but sleep called abit louder than one wee red-head's rantings.  And just as I snuggled back down into the pillow,
BAM went her hightop into my nose! JEEPERS, MOSSY!
 Have I told you that Mossy has unusually large feet?  The entire package is about 10"tall, but her hat is about 3" of that, her hair is abit unruly an takes up an inch with the rest being proportioned until you reach the FEET! The funny thing is (and I'll pay for this comment) is that what should be the worst feature she considers her best.  Have I told you that Mossy went to New York with me in May(that story we'll save for another day)?  Well, I'm not sure how she did it but when we returned you never know what on her feet she'll display, there's ballet slippers, hiking boots, hightops and low, there's tennis shoes, Dorothy's sparkly red shoes, and Cinderella's glass slippers, and, well you get the picture. Now she's not much on clothes so there's never a match but the shoes are a vision on any a day!
Well needless to say both eyes flew open!  It was then that the imp broke into a dance!  A River Dance worthy of Michael himself was performed while (I swear)I heard bagpipes playing.  Her hightops flew as she twisted and jumped to the rhythm that sprang from the heavens.  By the time she was finished, I'd forgotten my nose and was clapping and swaying myself.  Ahhh, what a grand Irish beginning did this make to my day and so to share I'd have to say.....  A TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU..and as the road rises up to greet you this morn may you dance a jig worthy of it's glory!

Monday, September 6, 2010

as if on the bow of Titanic......

she rode, leaning forward, arms extended. eyes closed.......only one thing missing, Leonardo!!!!  At one point I watched her lean forward on one foot and then......  Did she dive forward or did she slip?  I wondered but not for long as I watched her swim with a small school of fish and leap out of the water off to the right.  I was in my own dream as the lake cast her spell over all in its sight with the night.  The bats swirled and dipped above and lights twinkled from campsites around.  Laughter, sweet and joyful floated on the breeze as the last unofficial day of summer seemed to tenderly slip away.......  Dusk darkened and with it the water.  Too soon came the time to take the canoe in, too soon, too soon, too soon......  Over & over seemed the refrain did repeat in my mind as we loaded the canoe on its rack.  It was summer slipping away.....  As I stood and looked back, she rode regally in on top of a turtle so green!  She thanked him quite grandly and courtsyed for him as he nodded a quick reply back.  My, my, my Mossy I laughed right out loud who could mourn with you in my sight?  Will you hurry it up?  You cut it quite close for the truck was loaded for home.  So Labor Day came and Labor Day went and all one truly could say:  Twas a day of delight and fairies so fair, as they played on the shores of the lake and none could think other of a day with such gems but to grin of an exit so grand!

My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

Wrap up tight in caution tape
and enter with care
for the tales of the two are
quite simply....