My Girls

My Girls

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mossy's Moose!!!!

Clippity-clop, clippity-clop. What an odd noise to hear growing louder by the moment in a hotel hallway.  You know the saying....curiousity killed the cat......  But, admittedly, I prefer the ending of.....satisfaction brought him back!   So with this in mind, I slowly opened the door, peeking out....

  GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY (or Mossy, in this case)! Mossy had made it to Wyoming!

The adorable moose moved steadily along as Mossy pirouetted upon his back! Transfixed, I watched as she dropped to each side.  "Just like Wild Bill!" she cried.  Together they rounded the corner with a snort from the moose and a YeeHaw from Mossy.    Wasn't that the moose stationed down in the lobby?  THE BRONZED STATUE?  Where had the little imp been for 2 days?  More importantly, could I manage to get that little moose back to Texas?  Do you think the resort would notice anything missing? 

Realizing that I was standing in the hall alone, with yes, my mouth hanging open yet again.   I jumped back through my doorway  and yelled after the two performers.  "Have a grand day, Mossy!  You betcha!" she yelled back. "Me and this Mangy Moose are heading to Yellowstone!" 

Hmmm.....Yellowstone may never be the same after this particular twosome.  I couldn't help wondering if I should warn a Park Ranger or two!

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My Girls
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