My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CoCO-pUFF and her Spoons!

Nonni loves her noodles or more simply put I love my grandchildren!  I'm continually in awe of their big personalities packed in those little bodies.  No laugh is more complete than the one incited by a one-of-a-kind robot or giggle boxes that have no off switches........      I adore those "winks" you get of who they are and what they think and why.  And then sometimes you just get gob-smacked by their words and they simply leave you in awe.

 CocoPuff creates spoon people.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Spoon people.  In fact, Mossy and I were admiring one of her latest when she began a story and yep, you guessed it....GOB-SMACKED!

Once upon a time a young girl (CocoPuff) was emptying the dishwasher for her mom (Laura).  This was NOT her favorite thing to do, but do it she must.  As she reached the point of placing the silverware into the drawer she was totally ready to QUIT!  Seriously, it was all just so very boring!  But then suddenly she saw the need, for you see she realized the spoons, the forks, and the knives needed to be home.  They were shiny and clean and wished to return to their silverware drawer or rather....their home.  As she placed each in their individual slots it was just not enough.  She began to hear their cry.   For you see, they were not where they belonged.  They were not with their entire family.  Why, they were foster spoons!  Lying beside the spoons, but separated from them were the foster forks, and then there were the foster knives.  This was wrong.  What was one without the other?  This just could not be!  The Cutlery Family had been divided and separated.  Coco stared down into that drawer at what was so very wrong.  No family should be divided and then the answer came.  That was it, for as her smile widened and grew, she saw what first she had not noticed.  The dividers were movable so remove them she did.   Coco quickly made short work of uniting the spoons, forks, and knives.  With the placement of the last spoon from the silverware tray she could actually hear their cheers as she pushed the drawer shut and reached for a pan.  Emptying that dishwasher?  It's never been the same since!

In her story, Coco saw and acknowledged a problem.  She had participated in helping with her family to raise funds for a camp for abused children.  At the age of 7 Coco is aware of a growing epidemic in our country.  She took what action she could and righted what was wrong.  Would you allow me a moment to challenge you as well as myself to do the same?  Every year over 3 million cases of child abuse are reported involving more than 6 million children.
In 2013 over 640,000 children spent time in foster care.    Folks, foster care is a broken system.  Ignoring these growing numbers will not negate the problem.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  If not us, who?  We must educate and participate in stopping abuse of the most innocent and work to rectify a system that even the most over-worked, under-paid, and  kind-hearted caseworker will tell you is broken.  Please would you take a moment and google,, and  The last site is an international camp for foster children.  It is phenomenal.  There could be a camp near you to volunteer in.

A child needs your help.

p.s.  I have joined the blog hoppers and have thoroughly enjoyed hopping about reading what they've had to say this month.  Check it out.  Hop right on at

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mossy beat the monkeys.......

and the monkeys (aka nonni's noodles or my grandchildren) were not very happy about that!  Have you heard the wee chant:  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit?  We ALL were introduced to it this very morning.  The  morning seemed normal enough.  It dawned clear and beautiful and very clearly pronounced to us that it needed donuts, so a dozen of these special-made-to-order beauties were a must.  Excitement was palatable as we all poured milk and juice and prepared to devour each morsel of the carefully ordered donuts.    Only no one was watching the box.  No one saw a corner lifted and not one but two donuts disappear in the blink of an eye.  Me and my monkeys (yes, I know this is not grammatically correct and yes, whimsey is spelled wrong, but this is MY blog.  If I can't do my own thing here than where????).   Oh, how I digress.   Well, chalk up first rant of the day.  Okay, okay back to the sugar haul.   Shock.  We were all speechless.  Only there was not silence, but a cadence of some kind coming from below.  It was coming from Mossy as she shimmied up the table leg and it  became more and more clearer the closer she came.

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  

Now this might have been somewhat more effective if the little minx did not have sprinkles in her hair and pink icing on her nose!  I truly was not sure how this was going to play out.  Mutiny was in the air as each of my monkeys eyed each other as the culprit.  For you see, Mossy appears to me and as of yet no one else.  This can create a real pickle at times!  Suddenly, the tide turned and I was once again speechless.....for you see, the youngest began to hum the cadence.  The oldest began to chant the words.  You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!  Giggles filled the air and 10 donuts were quickly divided out by the 6 in attendance.  This actually included each donut cut into 4 which was a very good thing as more monkeys arrived as the morning proceeded.

How quickly the tide can turn!  No mention of Mossy was made that morning.  As I had followed her progress to the rafters above she gave me a wink and a nod and that's when I saw it!  A tire swing.  Only the tire was a beautifully iced-pink donut hung by a strip of brightly colored wool.  With the ability to only hook one leg through the center, Mossy swung to and fro upside down smiling and giggling as Mossy, Monkeys and Me chanted:

YOU GET WHAT YOU GET AND YOU DON'T THROW A FIT (muffled only slightly with the many mouths full of sugary delight)!!!

FYI: Mossy and Me have joined a blog hopping group and love to check out what this group of women have to share!  Check out Jamie's latest at

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer's first LovELY........

As I lay dreamily sleeping last Saturday morn, I began to envision fields of fragrant poppies and a yellow-brick road.  Barking happily, ToTo ran ahead and I chased ....... kerplunk.   Water splatted on my nose.  Consequently, it was now meandering down my cheek.  What in the world?  I opened my eyes and there she stood!    All 12 inches or so with only her nose peeping out between the blooms.  "First hydrangea of summer" she chanted hopping on one foot than the other.   What an absolutely perfect way to start a day.  Also in her bounty was gardenia, aspargus fern,  and caladium beauties.  That gardenia fragrance must have been  the impetus to my yellow-brick road moment.  Well, who could resist such a beginning.  Pajama clad I hustled to Little Cedar Grove and began to create.  Now I'm here to tell you that there is pure perfection in having your first cup of coffee with soil on your hands.  I wouldn't recommend it IN the cup, but no cup is more appealing to me than wearing just such a touch.  By the way, lil Cedar Grove is my newly-christened screened-in back porch.   I have a penchant for naming things, for instance, my backyard is Pandora.   There's a story to it all, but will save that for a later post.  AND lil Cedar Grove is a mouthful, so look for a nickname to come (another penchant).  

Mossy LOOOOOVES summer.  Her antics ratchet up as the first warm breezes begin to stir.   

My love for summer begins with God's glory as it explodes in all of nature's displays around us.  From the uncurling of the tiniest of fern fronds to the burst of riotous color in a Hibiscus bloom, there is no denying our Creator's hand.  As school bells ring for the last time and backpacks are laid down,  it's as if a curtain rises to all that surrounds us.   From the tinkle of a stream, to the twitter of the birds,  I am totally enthralled as the Overture of Summer begins.   I'm just saying....may none of us in life's hustle and bustle miss not a single exquisite note of the gift of this day!!!  

p.s.  Mossy just tiptoed by wearing a skirt of glued-on Purina small bites for dogs.  If that wasn't weird enough, I now see Butchey, Maizey, and Millie with sweaters on.  Uh-Oh, these three may be in for a rough day!!

FYI: Mossy and Me have just joined and are participating in a blog circle with some fun and creative women.  Click on Blogging in my Buick and see what Jamie has to say this month.

Monday, June 16, 2014

I thought she wasn't there........

I thought she wasn't there.  Now, admittedly she's not one to miss a party.  So, where, oh where was Mossy?

I ask many pedicure baby showers have you been to?  Now, as I know the answer you would give, I ask this....... don't you wish you had?  Seriously?  What could be better than warm wraps, massages, and sparkling toes?  All of this while dining on to-die-for-cookies, sugary mounds of mini-bundts, and sipping punch?  ALL OF THIS, to celebrate a beautiful-soon-to-hatch be'be' boy and his very special mommy.  Yet, despite the lure Mossy was MIA and missed moments of pure delight with those so very precious to me & her or so I thought.....   

Today told another story.  I found her sitting in the punch dispenser, still in a box, still sitting in the car!  Her clothes were a tint of blue-green and seemed to be molded to her.  Mossy looked up at me as I looked down at her.  Her head tilted slightly, her smile slowly spread and a tear gathered just as slowly and began a slow descent.  I knew exactly what she felt.  I crawled into the back of the car, sat Indian style beside that box.  After awhile she began to describe precious moments........for you see she'd not missed a second, but oh how she was missing them now.

Eventually, we both moved.  Me, because old bodies do not allow you to sit Indian-style without exacting a payment and her because the bees had discovered her sugary clothes.   Let's just say she moved ever so much faster than I!!!    The bees moved in like a swat team on mission and Mossy's mission was too ESCAPE!   Neither one of us managed, however to escape that occasional tear that seemed to meander down our cheeks, yet would pass a smile along its way.

 Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

Mossy & Me.  We had an incredible week.  So many precious sweet moments, the sugary ones above just a few.  As well,  there is no longer a where-oh where-is Mossy.  Her path is well marked.  Just follow the trail of ants.......  When, oh when, will she change????

Thursday, April 10, 2014

a grape slushy......

Spring has sprung,  arriving FINALLY to my backyard!  Has it in yours?  I truly hope so, for your sake.  Was this not a winter to remember?  Jeepers creepers, it would just not give up-I began to picture the Death Eaters from Harry sucking up all warmth that attempted to circumvent all of those cold air masses.  Certainly, any tiny tendril that crept up for warmth received icy shock therapy.  How does the saying go.....a picture's worth a thousand words?

April '14
March '14                        

If your counting, here's a few more to add to the current count of three thousand and eighty.  They are of a tale of a small gnome, 16 fish, and a backyard pond.   Large ice pellets blasted us one Sunday afternoon, intermittent with snow and rain.  What ensued was a very icy pond.  It looked like a giant grape slushy! I had a "Glee moment" as Mossy splashed by me to stick her face into the icy mixture.  Why, indeed would she even consider doing such a thing?  I wasted my breath and asked.  And to no one's surprise, received no answer.   What she did do, however was whoop and holler like a banshee on fire as she raised her face from the icy depths!   Coming up for air, she  plunged waist deep back into the pond.  What a sight!  As her top half became submerged, her legs went straight up.  Short & squatty they are, with a tendency to look like tree stumps.  I could only stare!   Suddenly, I realized the issue.  Several inches of floating ice was secondary to the antics of her beloved finned friends.  They were escaping.  Yes, as ice, snow, and rain battered my Pandora (backyard) the boundaries of the pond were loosing ground.  Leaving with the boundaries were Mossy's finned posse.   It was an Alcatraz moment, this time!   Shivering from the heaven's onslaught,  I watched Mossy dive, chase, and slide to collect her chicks (well finned friends not feathered)-all 16 of them.   I knew the dangers.  As quickly as the waters rose, they would dissipate, leaving stranded the finned: beside the potted pine, upstream behind the falls, peering up below the glider........  You see the problem, too, don't you?  Have you every held a fish?  Experience tells me that this is not one of their favorite activities.    Mossy's fingers I can only describe as cousins to her legs, so add frozen to their condition and lets just say this round-up took a while!  In fact, I truly wish that I had had the wherewithal to snap a pic.  It looked as if not just ice had fallen from the sky, but fish.   Small fish, large fish, orange fish, white fish, spotted fish......sorry,  I digress.  Dr. Seuss would be proud, though!

 Wow, I'm afraid I truly digressed,  for what Mossy & I truly wanted to say is HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!    

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Time for a confession......I'm addicted to Pinterest!  A serious PINHEAD!  Give me an extra few moments at any time and BAM!  I'm  searching for home design, a new juice recipe, or how to clean a water stain,   I'M SERIOUS!  Nary a day passes that at least one pin does not appear on my boards.   With 127 boards and close to 14,000 in number of pins its like the ultimate mag!  One that is totally tailored to your favs!  Well, or so I thought until I found a board I did not create.  The issue with that statement is that's it under my account and bears the name of such Koi that swim the waters of my backyard pond.  Hmmmmm.......


 The dastardly little minx is pinning!
 Who gave her my password?   Can a gnome pin?  Does it surprise me she would choose to pin her buds, Yellow Boy, Red-Head and Iron Man?  Nope.  She loves her Koi crowd.   I can only liken it to humans fascination with dolphins.  From Sea World to Atlantis, we want to touch, swim with and document it all with a pic.   Disney's 1964  Bottlenose dolphin, Flipper enthralled a certain 7 year old with tales of angst and victory.  They called him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning.......  comes to mind just as quickly 49 years later.  Fact, Jack......Flipper could overcome any obstacle and save the day on land or sea!  Now here's another fact, Jack.......look out Mossy the Pin-ster,  I'm on to you!!

For a blast from the past check out:

Friday, November 30, 2012

partNErs iN cRIme.....

Butchey & Maizy
Yes, yes I realize it's not New Years Day!  I post a pic of these infamous two because of their recent exploits with the infamous moSSy!  I dared to leave the house for 2 hours this Friday evening and WHAT?  A zip line.  A complete total zip line with thrills & chills!  The thrill came as you scaled the bookcase to get to the mantle.  Only to then grab on for the ride-of-your-life, crossing the living room to an open doored frig whereby your landing was into a bowl of left-over cranberry sauce slopping then into tidbits of turkey.  Truly a brilliant move and one I could quickly see the pure genius of.  Mossy had enlisted maiZy and butchey to pull the zip line along greatly increasing the thrill factor.  One of them was also poised in front of frig to give several large laps to each participant (for purely selfless motives) as they slid to the floor on a slab of bacon!  Helping all into their harnesses and helmets was Thomas (mossy's big brother).   Standing at an open kitchen window was Mossy .   Here are a few of the jaw-droppers in this scene:  a line of squirrels and gnomes (12-15ish in number) in and out on the window ledge, mossy exacting a payment of a perfect pecan for each ride,  helmets that were made up of acorn tops tied on with zebra grass,   gnomes screaming in delight or was it fear, squirrels chatter-squealing in what seemed like pure abandonment as they sailed above my dining room table.  

Please pray-tell, how does one respond to such nonsense?  After several moments of jaw-dropping, toe-tapping.......... it was clear (not of cranberry sauce)...........

 I had just enough dental floss to reach from the refrigerator to the kitchen sink!   And wasn't there an extra bag of mini- pumpkin marshmallows to soften that landing?  After-all didn't I have a craving for pecan pie just last week? 

My Girls

My Girls
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