My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Run, Mossy, run.................."

I thought of Bubba Gump as I yelled these words to Mossy! 

We've a squirrel that has recently come-a-visiting to our Pandora (backyard).  He must be a teen for he runs everywhere he goes with an attitude.  His first endeavor was to unbaffle the squirrel baffle, thereby emptying the bird feeder with great haste.  From this perch, he jumps to the tray of colorful wool tidbits and sunflower seeds.  They all scatter in the collision like confetti at a party.  Not to be thwarted by this mischievous somewhat naughty one that I've named Eddie Haskell ( for those who remember Leave It To Beaver).  Don enters the picture, first with a bb gun.  Now here I would admit to being upset if he could EVER hit anything.  Then I see Don in a full wrestle with the baffle.  Ahhhhh, the activities of a January day.......  BUT, low and behold the baffle begins to baffle.  Eddie runs up the pole and bumps his head on the baffle.  He does it again.  He jumps down and runs the perimeter of the pond.  He runs it again.  He runs up another pole of a feeder which has a no-squirrel lever for feeding.  Now more wiser and older squirrels jump to the top of this feeder:  spread eagle, hang down the front, open the lever and proceed to eat hanging somewhat upside down.  Eddie is not so wise in his endeavor. 

Suddenly coming into view skidding to a halt under this feeder is Mossy.  She is holding up a pecan and appears to be taunting our teenager.  Boom, the race is on.  Eddie lands close, but not close enough as Mossy's laughter of bells rings loud and clear in the cold crisp air.  Having received a couple inches of snow simply adds to the fun as Mossy led Eddie on a merry, sliding chase.   Mossy's innate ability to stay just out of reach proves to be Eddie's undoing.  Obviously tiring he fails to remain as observant as he perhaps should.  So, when Mossy hops to the stone bridge and then to the side, Eddie follows only to go straight into the stream.  His momentum takes him the few feet down til he finished his dip with a rather large not-so-pretty cannonballish splash.  At this point, Mossy and I are rolling!!!!  He bobs to the surface and then quickly out, face to face with the still-in-place snowman of Christmas' decor.  Now call me nuts (hoho like who wouldn't?) I believe that snowman winked and chuckled joining in on the escapades of Eddie.  Warmed we all were (well, except for maybe Eddie) by the laughter and fun of the antics of one snowy, winter afternoon.

My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

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