My Girls

My Girls

Monday, June 16, 2014

I thought she wasn't there........

I thought she wasn't there.  Now, admittedly she's not one to miss a party.  So, where, oh where was Mossy?

I ask many pedicure baby showers have you been to?  Now, as I know the answer you would give, I ask this....... don't you wish you had?  Seriously?  What could be better than warm wraps, massages, and sparkling toes?  All of this while dining on to-die-for-cookies, sugary mounds of mini-bundts, and sipping punch?  ALL OF THIS, to celebrate a beautiful-soon-to-hatch be'be' boy and his very special mommy.  Yet, despite the lure Mossy was MIA and missed moments of pure delight with those so very precious to me & her or so I thought.....   

Today told another story.  I found her sitting in the punch dispenser, still in a box, still sitting in the car!  Her clothes were a tint of blue-green and seemed to be molded to her.  Mossy looked up at me as I looked down at her.  Her head tilted slightly, her smile slowly spread and a tear gathered just as slowly and began a slow descent.  I knew exactly what she felt.  I crawled into the back of the car, sat Indian style beside that box.  After awhile she began to describe precious moments........for you see she'd not missed a second, but oh how she was missing them now.

Eventually, we both moved.  Me, because old bodies do not allow you to sit Indian-style without exacting a payment and her because the bees had discovered her sugary clothes.   Let's just say she moved ever so much faster than I!!!    The bees moved in like a swat team on mission and Mossy's mission was too ESCAPE!   Neither one of us managed, however to escape that occasional tear that seemed to meander down our cheeks, yet would pass a smile along its way.

 Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

Mossy & Me.  We had an incredible week.  So many precious sweet moments, the sugary ones above just a few.  As well,  there is no longer a where-oh where-is Mossy.  Her path is well marked.  Just follow the trail of ants.......  When, oh when, will she change????

My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

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