My Girls

My Girls

Friday, November 30, 2012

partNErs iN cRIme.....

Butchey & Maizy
Yes, yes I realize it's not New Years Day!  I post a pic of these infamous two because of their recent exploits with the infamous moSSy!  I dared to leave the house for 2 hours this Friday evening and WHAT?  A zip line.  A complete total zip line with thrills & chills!  The thrill came as you scaled the bookcase to get to the mantle.  Only to then grab on for the ride-of-your-life, crossing the living room to an open doored frig whereby your landing was into a bowl of left-over cranberry sauce slopping then into tidbits of turkey.  Truly a brilliant move and one I could quickly see the pure genius of.  Mossy had enlisted maiZy and butchey to pull the zip line along greatly increasing the thrill factor.  One of them was also poised in front of frig to give several large laps to each participant (for purely selfless motives) as they slid to the floor on a slab of bacon!  Helping all into their harnesses and helmets was Thomas (mossy's big brother).   Standing at an open kitchen window was Mossy .   Here are a few of the jaw-droppers in this scene:  a line of squirrels and gnomes (12-15ish in number) in and out on the window ledge, mossy exacting a payment of a perfect pecan for each ride,  helmets that were made up of acorn tops tied on with zebra grass,   gnomes screaming in delight or was it fear, squirrels chatter-squealing in what seemed like pure abandonment as they sailed above my dining room table.  

Please pray-tell, how does one respond to such nonsense?  After several moments of jaw-dropping, toe-tapping.......... it was clear (not of cranberry sauce)...........

 I had just enough dental floss to reach from the refrigerator to the kitchen sink!   And wasn't there an extra bag of mini- pumpkin marshmallows to soften that landing?  After-all didn't I have a craving for pecan pie just last week? 

Monday, November 26, 2012

What lives in your Christmas Tree?

My answer to this question is be'Be'.  Many of you may recall that be'Be' made her first appearance with mOSsy upon her return from Yellowstone.  Her immediate fascination and claim to our Christmas tree was delightful and thoroughly enjoyed all season.  Much to my dismay her appearance throughout the remainder of the year is sporadic at best.  So imagine my delight when I came upon this picture of a doll.  Is it not AMAZING!  I couldn't believe it when I found it on one of my recent Pinterest forays.   Someone else has seen a Be'Be' too!!!  This is incredibly close to what mOSsy's little friend looks like!  I so wish I could study her as I've been able to this adorable doll.  Do you remember that she moves like a hummingbird?

This is however the time of year that I do get extra time with the beautiful fairy.  Her fascination with Christmas trees is palatable.  It would seem the more excited she gets the more of the effervescent glow & glitter she leaves in her wake.   Now I must say that I've not even brought the Christmas tree into the house and already her glittery path has been woven throughout a vase of bittersweet!  I had to check with mOSsy on the reason for this only to find out that indeed she "knows" it's coming. 

It has also suddenly dawned on me that be'Be' has not aged.  That is to say she has not moved into a toddler stage.  Her baby rolls are as adorable today as they were 2 years ago and the cherubic face complete with dimples has not a single line.  Ooooooh imagine, no wrinkles!!  This unfortunately is a reality met in your 50s, for if it doesn't wrinkle it seems to sag or bag.  Okay, okay, I can hear you wince.....back to be'Be'!

Anticipation:  a wrapped gift,  the aroma of your favorite cake baking, a friend's arrival,  looking for a gnome or two, etc.etc......
 I feel it in the air.  I SEE it in the air.  Glitter trails circle the room.    They are as entrancing as the multitude of twinkling lights that will soon adorn the Christmas tree.  So for now, I shall just anticipate along with be'Be.........someday soon that ole tree is bound to make an appearance!   And until then........I've got glitter on my nose and my clothes!  Who could want for anything more?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game

Bucket List:  #1 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.   What can I say?   Childhood dreams are just sometimes as real at 54 as they were at seven!   Look at those tail feathers!  Look at his hat and the twinkle in his eyes!  Okay, I get it.  As my son stated Thursday...."ENOUGH WITH THE PARADE!" 

Did you gobble til you wobbled?  Mossy did.  I awoke excited-the first to get up or so I thought.  I opened the frig door for a touch of cream and there she was looking a little frost-bitten.  "Mossy, why are you sitting on the turkey?"  Absolutely not a word came from her tiny blue lips.  "Mossssssyyyyy, are you okay?"  I cried as I shook her by the shoulders and this time a large very ungnome-like burp came from those blue lips.  Which then smacked, as she sprang from the turkey to the shelf above.  Now I say, sprang.  Nope.  It was an attempt to spring but splat and wobble was a much more realistic description.  Mossy promptly winked, stretched out on the shelf using a stick of butter for a pillow and asked that I shut the door.  I did.  But not before, I heard her say, "Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a goodnight!"


As I snickered and sipped coffee, I thought of our fast-paced holiday season.  Turkeys are running rampant all through my house.  That is, momentarily.    How quickly, though, will they jump in their box, head for a shelf and make way for reindeer?  Do we not watch Tom the Turkey's float roll by only to conclude with Santa and his sleigh?  Now I'm not trying to suggest we oust Santa from the parade.....just  this one wish...............savor the moment.  Mossy was.  She stopped to enjoy her turkey.  I wish for you the same.    So, from Mossy & me.........Happy Thanksgiving!  May you stop and enjoy your turkey time!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't open that dooooor..............

Okay, fess up!  You have them's the "I cram everything into a cabinet, so don't open that door until you've prepared mentally with at least an Advil or two.  Mossy does NOT adhere to any such warning nor does she take Advil!   She's more of the I'm-a-reason-you-would-take-Advil!   Last week while weaving (no not from spirits) on my early morning path down the hall, I wondered why this door was partially shut.  Then I wondered why the door would not open.  Oh mercy me!    The little holiday decorating freak had been rooting around stirring it ALL up!  Pumpkins, and an Easter egg and Santa and a turkey or two laid strewn about the floor.  I believe she must have stood inside and dropped kicked the entire collection out.  Was she anywhere around?  No.  Well, I should actually say, she wasn't showing herself or answering my call, but most definitely around.   You see, there was the lightest humming of Here Comes Santa Claus from the tub!   Pestering is too nice to say of what her actions have been lately.   You see the little stinker is OBSESSED with holiday decorations.  I mean, you could say, to the Dolly Pardon's character of Steel Magnolia's magnitude.  Tooky, would be my adjective.  Trashy, might be yours.  "Uncle!" I cried, with a need for some coffee.  Be it tooky, or trashy, or scary to you the pumpkins are rolling out and I guarantee the little minx will too!   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tOadster time!!!! tOadster time!!!!

"Guess what time?  Guess what time?  Tis tOadster time, tis tOadster time!" over and over Mossy sing-songs.  She's so excited she can't sit still. Infectious she is, as my pulse quickens and I add another stem or two.  You see, the tOadster is a much-adored-little-travel trailer that both Mossy and I are totallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly smitten with.  Dreams as big as the Tetons to hitch it up and follow those imaginings call ............. with increasing volume!   Now, here is where a large dose of reality should be dumped (I can hear Don's words).  The tOadster probably wouldn't make it out of Texas, for you see she has abit of age on her!   This is not going to stop this grandmother (of 10 now) and a wee bitty gnome.  Seriously, who doesn't have a mile or two on her?  No siree, since her arrival the tOadster has been painted, decorated, bejeweled, and why...........simply ADORED!  Twas a special gift from he-who-takes-every-opportunity-to-complain-about-said gift!  My ears simply do not hear the words of such nay-sayering (not a word, I know)! Here blogy-style I hope to herald of the adventures we two shall simply have to get into.  For now........I'll simply paint another toadstool or two and dream of Rocky Mountain streams and grin indeed as the chant continues.......tOadster time, tOadster time...............

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MIA Mossy

 Many of you remember that Fall seems to bring about an MIA Mossy.  Well, imaginably this Fall was no different but it was by the most unimaginable ......

 To start at the beginning is to start with last October when the earth shifted.  Only a few of us felt it.....only a few were affected.   A life that gave me life was altered and with it mine.  A new world was entered which exist everyday, every moment that we all exist.  A world so different.  We race here.  We race there.  Not content to perform just one task as we race, we stretch multi-tasking to new heights with communication a fingertip away.  Where is your cell phone at this moment?  I bet you can tell me.  I'd also bet you can reach out to touch it.....   But, in this new world such races of task & needs for communication are non-existent.    In the halls of a nursing home pass many, but for those who reside there the "racing" has stopped.  Let me be clear here in expressing that "racing" has stopped, not life.  Confinements to beds, to wheelchairs, to a certain floor, to a garden area, to a building, or to a mind that does not work does not mean that life stops.  With a path of hospitals, long term acute hospitals and nursing home, somewhere along the way I lost my Mossy.   Seriously.  And it was serious!  The little imp can make the most of a moment and I can now attest to living some of the longest moments in history.   You know how the song goes....".in a Georgia state of mind"?  I get "in a nursing home state of mind".   I stare.  No, not at someone but in an almost frozen state of thinking.   So there I was in my "frozen" state and I hear her.  Yep, it's Mossy.  She rolls by on the arm of a wheelchair chattering away about Be'Be' and the current conditions and numbers of Buffalo in Yellowstone.  WHAT?  I stumbled forward, stuttering her name, trying so hard to not lose sight of her.
"Mosssssy, where have you been?"
"Here, Silly",  she turns looking over the back and head of the wheelchair's occupant. 
"All this time?"
"Yep!", this came with a toss of a red curl and a roll of her eyes. 
"But I've needed you," I cried indignantly as I thought of just a few of "those moments". 
Suddenly, I heard another different tiny voice but familiar.  Turning I find Thomas, Mossy's brother on the back of a wheelchair whispering into a gentleman's ear.  Although unable to discern his words, the man clearly understood for he grinned and nodded, snapping his fingers.   Spinning slowly in a circle I counted at least half a dozen gnomes clearly engaged with residents in various modes.  One brushed beautiful snowy hair as she hummed, Beautiful Dreamer to the delight of her wheelchair resident.  Another seemed to be massaging arthritic fingers.  Two were stationed front & back of one wheelchair as they rocked gently the beautiful tiny gray-haired resident who was enjoying a brief catnap.  This was especially fun to watch as it took the wee ones a running start to move the wheelchair even a few inches.
 As I came about full circle Mossy looked me straight in the eye with both hands on her hips.
"Who needed me?"

Mossy helped the frozen that afternoon thaw a bit.  I don't know, maybe it's not so much a frozen state as an uneducated and shocked one to that world that exist everyday.  As usual, though, Mossy challenges me to ALWAYS look for what is not so readily see the it gnomes or needs.........

My Girls

My Girls
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