My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't open that dooooor..............

Okay, fess up!  You have them's the "I cram everything into a cabinet, so don't open that door until you've prepared mentally with at least an Advil or two.  Mossy does NOT adhere to any such warning nor does she take Advil!   She's more of the I'm-a-reason-you-would-take-Advil!   Last week while weaving (no not from spirits) on my early morning path down the hall, I wondered why this door was partially shut.  Then I wondered why the door would not open.  Oh mercy me!    The little holiday decorating freak had been rooting around stirring it ALL up!  Pumpkins, and an Easter egg and Santa and a turkey or two laid strewn about the floor.  I believe she must have stood inside and dropped kicked the entire collection out.  Was she anywhere around?  No.  Well, I should actually say, she wasn't showing herself or answering my call, but most definitely around.   You see, there was the lightest humming of Here Comes Santa Claus from the tub!   Pestering is too nice to say of what her actions have been lately.   You see the little stinker is OBSESSED with holiday decorations.  I mean, you could say, to the Dolly Pardon's character of Steel Magnolia's magnitude.  Tooky, would be my adjective.  Trashy, might be yours.  "Uncle!" I cried, with a need for some coffee.  Be it tooky, or trashy, or scary to you the pumpkins are rolling out and I guarantee the little minx will too!   

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  1. Oh ms lulubelle! You have the most interesting is no wonder Mossy dives in........wonders abound! Watch your step.....Tal.


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