My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"What," I ask, " is fantastical?" of the wee little gnome.  "That I can believe in 6 unbelievable things before I've even eaten breakfast," was the answer she gave!  Hmmmm, that was Alice's line last night in Alice in Wonderland.  This means of course, that unbeknownst to me, I had a companion watching the movie.   "Did you like the Hatter or the Hare?"  Silence, and just when I think there will be no answer, out pops,  "I wish you could "drink me" and shrink as she did."   Well, now there's a thought, unencountered before!   Do you keep any bottles of just such delight?  And with that, I stared into blankness, gone with a swoosh was the wee one from my sight.  So my goal, now encountered is to believe 6 unbelievable things before breakfast.......

1.  that I could gulp down "drink me".
2.  I could have breakfast (after my list) in Telluride, Co.
3.  and sleep by the sound of surf in Waleai tonight
4.  read Cora her nite-nite book before her nap, today
5.  wings would sprout, so I could play hide-n-seek with the hummingbird gang in my backyard
6.  that CPS and foster care would be no more, for NO MORE would there be a need

And what, would you share, your six be?

Monday, August 30, 2010


these words she repeated as she jumped from bed to chair, to mantle, from bed, to chair, to mantle.  Seriously, Mossy!  No more monkeys jumping on the bed!  She only picked up the tempo and the volume.  I HOPE YOU DANCE, I HOPE YOU DANCE.......I HOPE YOU NEVER FEAR THOSE MOUNTAINS IN THE DISTANCE, NEVER SETTLE FOR THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE, LIVING MIGHT MEAN TAKING CHANCES, BUT THEY'RE WORTH TAKINNNNNNG all of these words at the top of her lungs (granted they're pretty small), as she jumped higher and faster and faster.  Dust bunnies joined her, as it had been some time since that mantle had been dusted!  The blades of the fan even began to move, as if a cyclone had entered the bedroom.  I stared dumbfounded at the whirling little dervish!  Okay, Mossy!  I GET IT!  She stopped on a dime and poofed on a nickel.  Yes, she was standing on a pile of change when she disappeared!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

frosting on her chin.....

Okay seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in?  I mean it! There she was (of course, Mossy) dancing a Can-Can across the top of the cooler with frosting dripping off her chin.  I guess the most hysterical aspect of the entire scene was that she had somehow managed to place two of the angel wing begonia leaves on her back, AS IF.......HA!   Now I was completely perplexed as to where the frosting had been snitched from UNTIL I looked up and a ceiling tile had been dislodged slightly, just enough, for a snippet of a gnome to slip in and slip out.  And what should we have next door to our shop?  Only the best from scratch Cinnnamon Rolls in East Texas!  Hmmmm, makes me wonder if she could give us tips on any other culinary delights in our area.  My glimpse was brief, but worthy of an entire afternoon of viewing, with a glorious dance of pure mischief.  It does beg another question, of course, when will I dance with such abandon into my dreams again?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a watched pot.....

or so the saying goes, never boils.  Well, time on a customerless day doesn't MOVE.....  the flowers were ready arranged and beribboned, but nary a soul to covet their loveliness.  i glued, i stamped, i organized, i swept and still the clock refused to move.  i swept the cooler and as i stood and contemplated the lovelies, the lovelies MOVED!  SLAM, went the door and I pressed my nose close as the glass fogged slightly, yep should have known, the redhead wonder was sitting under the sunflower giggling.  hUMPH!  i SHOUTED, just sit in there and cool off for scaring me to death!  Ahhhh, the bells did ring as she doubled over from a better response than she had even counted on from me.   of course, I realized she comes & goes from the cooler at will, so frostbitten she was not, nor would be.  having shown herself, she couldn't stand it, so show herself she did.  she danced across the starfish and dove into the moss.  the phalo quivered as she froliced on the bark.  i am not sure which vase she took a quick dip in but for seconds very few, small tiny footprints trailed across the checkout counter.

what had been empty was quickly filled on a dog-day afternoon..................

Monday, August 23, 2010

time flees on wings

summer's flown on wings of time.......  with bubbles of joy and great sorrow.  mossy's no stranger to either and she just looks at me with no words today.  a time to think and ponder both.  a time to will a better tomorrow.  september's knocking on the door with a promise of relief, cooler air, and endurance resting.  would you like to go a camping with me & my violet fairies, ask I, of the large doe-eyes just watching.  ahhh, that got a twinkle, fleeting albiet.  will you tell me of where thomas is?  poof the air vibrated but no longer held the wee one.  left to wonder, yet one more thing............

Sunday, August 22, 2010

mossy winked a dream

Her brilliant red curls caught my fancy as I passed the window early this morn.  She appeared to be dancing across Tadpole Pond......  I stopped to watch and had to follow the tinkle of the little bell-her laughter!  She spun her magic, dipping and swaying while seeming to wrap the pond in a glittering trail of fairy dust, but Mossy slowed as I drew near to ask this question.......  how long will I wait to skip to the laughter?        

Friday, August 20, 2010

mossy rides on yellow-boy

loved, loved catching a glimpse of mossy (small curly red-headed gnome) riding yellow-boy (10"golden koi).  admittedly yellow-boy did not look quite as thrilled to have the tiny red head leading him with a bit of pond weed wrapped around as a bridle as she dipped & swirled through the lily pads.  it's been weeks since I had last seen mossy and had begun to worry abit about she and her brother, thomas. 

ya know, there are things that fill you to the brim and there are things that drain you dry.  i need a drink.
two companions, or rather witnesses to the weirdness....

My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

Wrap up tight in caution tape
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for the tales of the two are
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