My Girls

My Girls

Thursday, August 26, 2010

frosting on her chin.....

Okay seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in?  I mean it! There she was (of course, Mossy) dancing a Can-Can across the top of the cooler with frosting dripping off her chin.  I guess the most hysterical aspect of the entire scene was that she had somehow managed to place two of the angel wing begonia leaves on her back, AS IF.......HA!   Now I was completely perplexed as to where the frosting had been snitched from UNTIL I looked up and a ceiling tile had been dislodged slightly, just enough, for a snippet of a gnome to slip in and slip out.  And what should we have next door to our shop?  Only the best from scratch Cinnnamon Rolls in East Texas!  Hmmmm, makes me wonder if she could give us tips on any other culinary delights in our area.  My glimpse was brief, but worthy of an entire afternoon of viewing, with a glorious dance of pure mischief.  It does beg another question, of course, when will I dance with such abandon into my dreams again?

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My Girls

My Girls
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