My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a watched pot.....

or so the saying goes, never boils.  Well, time on a customerless day doesn't MOVE.....  the flowers were ready arranged and beribboned, but nary a soul to covet their loveliness.  i glued, i stamped, i organized, i swept and still the clock refused to move.  i swept the cooler and as i stood and contemplated the lovelies, the lovelies MOVED!  SLAM, went the door and I pressed my nose close as the glass fogged slightly, yep should have known, the redhead wonder was sitting under the sunflower giggling.  hUMPH!  i SHOUTED, just sit in there and cool off for scaring me to death!  Ahhhh, the bells did ring as she doubled over from a better response than she had even counted on from me.   of course, I realized she comes & goes from the cooler at will, so frostbitten she was not, nor would be.  having shown herself, she couldn't stand it, so show herself she did.  she danced across the starfish and dove into the moss.  the phalo quivered as she froliced on the bark.  i am not sure which vase she took a quick dip in but for seconds very few, small tiny footprints trailed across the checkout counter.

what had been empty was quickly filled on a dog-day afternoon..................

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  1. They are flocking to you from every which way, following your ever so colorful environment you have surrounded yourself in.


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