My Girls

My Girls

Monday, August 30, 2010


these words she repeated as she jumped from bed to chair, to mantle, from bed, to chair, to mantle.  Seriously, Mossy!  No more monkeys jumping on the bed!  She only picked up the tempo and the volume.  I HOPE YOU DANCE, I HOPE YOU DANCE.......I HOPE YOU NEVER FEAR THOSE MOUNTAINS IN THE DISTANCE, NEVER SETTLE FOR THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE, LIVING MIGHT MEAN TAKING CHANCES, BUT THEY'RE WORTH TAKINNNNNNG all of these words at the top of her lungs (granted they're pretty small), as she jumped higher and faster and faster.  Dust bunnies joined her, as it had been some time since that mantle had been dusted!  The blades of the fan even began to move, as if a cyclone had entered the bedroom.  I stared dumbfounded at the whirling little dervish!  Okay, Mossy!  I GET IT!  She stopped on a dime and poofed on a nickel.  Yes, she was standing on a pile of change when she disappeared!

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My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

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