My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"What," I ask, " is fantastical?" of the wee little gnome.  "That I can believe in 6 unbelievable things before I've even eaten breakfast," was the answer she gave!  Hmmmm, that was Alice's line last night in Alice in Wonderland.  This means of course, that unbeknownst to me, I had a companion watching the movie.   "Did you like the Hatter or the Hare?"  Silence, and just when I think there will be no answer, out pops,  "I wish you could "drink me" and shrink as she did."   Well, now there's a thought, unencountered before!   Do you keep any bottles of just such delight?  And with that, I stared into blankness, gone with a swoosh was the wee one from my sight.  So my goal, now encountered is to believe 6 unbelievable things before breakfast.......

1.  that I could gulp down "drink me".
2.  I could have breakfast (after my list) in Telluride, Co.
3.  and sleep by the sound of surf in Waleai tonight
4.  read Cora her nite-nite book before her nap, today
5.  wings would sprout, so I could play hide-n-seek with the hummingbird gang in my backyard
6.  that CPS and foster care would be no more, for NO MORE would there be a need

And what, would you share, your six be?

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  1. i didn't know you had a blog. i clicked on your picture on facebook and this came up. hope you are doing well. do you know it has been literally thousands of years since we have seen each other!!! well, maybe not that long. i'm thinking the last time i saw you was in athens at the black-eyed pea craft show. you are blessed with a wonderful family and such little lovies-- grandchildren.


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My Girls
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