My Girls

My Girls

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MIA Mossy

 Many of you remember that Fall seems to bring about an MIA Mossy.  Well, imaginably this Fall was no different but it was by the most unimaginable ......

 To start at the beginning is to start with last October when the earth shifted.  Only a few of us felt it.....only a few were affected.   A life that gave me life was altered and with it mine.  A new world was entered which exist everyday, every moment that we all exist.  A world so different.  We race here.  We race there.  Not content to perform just one task as we race, we stretch multi-tasking to new heights with communication a fingertip away.  Where is your cell phone at this moment?  I bet you can tell me.  I'd also bet you can reach out to touch it.....   But, in this new world such races of task & needs for communication are non-existent.    In the halls of a nursing home pass many, but for those who reside there the "racing" has stopped.  Let me be clear here in expressing that "racing" has stopped, not life.  Confinements to beds, to wheelchairs, to a certain floor, to a garden area, to a building, or to a mind that does not work does not mean that life stops.  With a path of hospitals, long term acute hospitals and nursing home, somewhere along the way I lost my Mossy.   Seriously.  And it was serious!  The little imp can make the most of a moment and I can now attest to living some of the longest moments in history.   You know how the song goes....".in a Georgia state of mind"?  I get "in a nursing home state of mind".   I stare.  No, not at someone but in an almost frozen state of thinking.   So there I was in my "frozen" state and I hear her.  Yep, it's Mossy.  She rolls by on the arm of a wheelchair chattering away about Be'Be' and the current conditions and numbers of Buffalo in Yellowstone.  WHAT?  I stumbled forward, stuttering her name, trying so hard to not lose sight of her.
"Mosssssy, where have you been?"
"Here, Silly",  she turns looking over the back and head of the wheelchair's occupant. 
"All this time?"
"Yep!", this came with a toss of a red curl and a roll of her eyes. 
"But I've needed you," I cried indignantly as I thought of just a few of "those moments". 
Suddenly, I heard another different tiny voice but familiar.  Turning I find Thomas, Mossy's brother on the back of a wheelchair whispering into a gentleman's ear.  Although unable to discern his words, the man clearly understood for he grinned and nodded, snapping his fingers.   Spinning slowly in a circle I counted at least half a dozen gnomes clearly engaged with residents in various modes.  One brushed beautiful snowy hair as she hummed, Beautiful Dreamer to the delight of her wheelchair resident.  Another seemed to be massaging arthritic fingers.  Two were stationed front & back of one wheelchair as they rocked gently the beautiful tiny gray-haired resident who was enjoying a brief catnap.  This was especially fun to watch as it took the wee ones a running start to move the wheelchair even a few inches.
 As I came about full circle Mossy looked me straight in the eye with both hands on her hips.
"Who needed me?"

Mossy helped the frozen that afternoon thaw a bit.  I don't know, maybe it's not so much a frozen state as an uneducated and shocked one to that world that exist everyday.  As usual, though, Mossy challenges me to ALWAYS look for what is not so readily see the it gnomes or needs.........

My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

Wrap up tight in caution tape
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for the tales of the two are
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