My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tOadster time!!!! tOadster time!!!!

"Guess what time?  Guess what time?  Tis tOadster time, tis tOadster time!" over and over Mossy sing-songs.  She's so excited she can't sit still. Infectious she is, as my pulse quickens and I add another stem or two.  You see, the tOadster is a much-adored-little-travel trailer that both Mossy and I are totallllllllllllllllllllllllllllly smitten with.  Dreams as big as the Tetons to hitch it up and follow those imaginings call ............. with increasing volume!   Now, here is where a large dose of reality should be dumped (I can hear Don's words).  The tOadster probably wouldn't make it out of Texas, for you see she has abit of age on her!   This is not going to stop this grandmother (of 10 now) and a wee bitty gnome.  Seriously, who doesn't have a mile or two on her?  No siree, since her arrival the tOadster has been painted, decorated, bejeweled, and why...........simply ADORED!  Twas a special gift from he-who-takes-every-opportunity-to-complain-about-said gift!  My ears simply do not hear the words of such nay-sayering (not a word, I know)! Here blogy-style I hope to herald of the adventures we two shall simply have to get into.  For now........I'll simply paint another toadstool or two and dream of Rocky Mountain streams and grin indeed as the chant continues.......tOadster time, tOadster time...............

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My Girls

My Girls
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