My Girls

My Girls

Monday, November 26, 2012

What lives in your Christmas Tree?

My answer to this question is be'Be'.  Many of you may recall that be'Be' made her first appearance with mOSsy upon her return from Yellowstone.  Her immediate fascination and claim to our Christmas tree was delightful and thoroughly enjoyed all season.  Much to my dismay her appearance throughout the remainder of the year is sporadic at best.  So imagine my delight when I came upon this picture of a doll.  Is it not AMAZING!  I couldn't believe it when I found it on one of my recent Pinterest forays.   Someone else has seen a Be'Be' too!!!  This is incredibly close to what mOSsy's little friend looks like!  I so wish I could study her as I've been able to this adorable doll.  Do you remember that she moves like a hummingbird?

This is however the time of year that I do get extra time with the beautiful fairy.  Her fascination with Christmas trees is palatable.  It would seem the more excited she gets the more of the effervescent glow & glitter she leaves in her wake.   Now I must say that I've not even brought the Christmas tree into the house and already her glittery path has been woven throughout a vase of bittersweet!  I had to check with mOSsy on the reason for this only to find out that indeed she "knows" it's coming. 

It has also suddenly dawned on me that be'Be' has not aged.  That is to say she has not moved into a toddler stage.  Her baby rolls are as adorable today as they were 2 years ago and the cherubic face complete with dimples has not a single line.  Ooooooh imagine, no wrinkles!!  This unfortunately is a reality met in your 50s, for if it doesn't wrinkle it seems to sag or bag.  Okay, okay, I can hear you wince.....back to be'Be'!

Anticipation:  a wrapped gift,  the aroma of your favorite cake baking, a friend's arrival,  looking for a gnome or two, etc.etc......
 I feel it in the air.  I SEE it in the air.  Glitter trails circle the room.    They are as entrancing as the multitude of twinkling lights that will soon adorn the Christmas tree.  So for now, I shall just anticipate along with be'Be.........someday soon that ole tree is bound to make an appearance!   And until then........I've got glitter on my nose and my clothes!  Who could want for anything more?

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