My Girls

My Girls

Friday, November 30, 2012

partNErs iN cRIme.....

Butchey & Maizy
Yes, yes I realize it's not New Years Day!  I post a pic of these infamous two because of their recent exploits with the infamous moSSy!  I dared to leave the house for 2 hours this Friday evening and WHAT?  A zip line.  A complete total zip line with thrills & chills!  The thrill came as you scaled the bookcase to get to the mantle.  Only to then grab on for the ride-of-your-life, crossing the living room to an open doored frig whereby your landing was into a bowl of left-over cranberry sauce slopping then into tidbits of turkey.  Truly a brilliant move and one I could quickly see the pure genius of.  Mossy had enlisted maiZy and butchey to pull the zip line along greatly increasing the thrill factor.  One of them was also poised in front of frig to give several large laps to each participant (for purely selfless motives) as they slid to the floor on a slab of bacon!  Helping all into their harnesses and helmets was Thomas (mossy's big brother).   Standing at an open kitchen window was Mossy .   Here are a few of the jaw-droppers in this scene:  a line of squirrels and gnomes (12-15ish in number) in and out on the window ledge, mossy exacting a payment of a perfect pecan for each ride,  helmets that were made up of acorn tops tied on with zebra grass,   gnomes screaming in delight or was it fear, squirrels chatter-squealing in what seemed like pure abandonment as they sailed above my dining room table.  

Please pray-tell, how does one respond to such nonsense?  After several moments of jaw-dropping, toe-tapping.......... it was clear (not of cranberry sauce)...........

 I had just enough dental floss to reach from the refrigerator to the kitchen sink!   And wasn't there an extra bag of mini- pumpkin marshmallows to soften that landing?  After-all didn't I have a craving for pecan pie just last week? 

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My Girls
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