My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Time for a confession......I'm addicted to Pinterest!  A serious PINHEAD!  Give me an extra few moments at any time and BAM!  I'm  searching for home design, a new juice recipe, or how to clean a water stain,   I'M SERIOUS!  Nary a day passes that at least one pin does not appear on my boards.   With 127 boards and close to 14,000 in number of pins its like the ultimate mag!  One that is totally tailored to your favs!  Well, or so I thought until I found a board I did not create.  The issue with that statement is that's it under my account and bears the name of such Koi that swim the waters of my backyard pond.  Hmmmmm.......


 The dastardly little minx is pinning!
 Who gave her my password?   Can a gnome pin?  Does it surprise me she would choose to pin her buds, Yellow Boy, Red-Head and Iron Man?  Nope.  She loves her Koi crowd.   I can only liken it to humans fascination with dolphins.  From Sea World to Atlantis, we want to touch, swim with and document it all with a pic.   Disney's 1964  Bottlenose dolphin, Flipper enthralled a certain 7 year old with tales of angst and victory.  They called him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning.......  comes to mind just as quickly 49 years later.  Fact, Jack......Flipper could overcome any obstacle and save the day on land or sea!  Now here's another fact, Jack.......look out Mossy the Pin-ster,  I'm on to you!!

For a blast from the past check out:

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My Girls

My Girls
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