My Girls

My Girls

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer's first LovELY........

As I lay dreamily sleeping last Saturday morn, I began to envision fields of fragrant poppies and a yellow-brick road.  Barking happily, ToTo ran ahead and I chased ....... kerplunk.   Water splatted on my nose.  Consequently, it was now meandering down my cheek.  What in the world?  I opened my eyes and there she stood!    All 12 inches or so with only her nose peeping out between the blooms.  "First hydrangea of summer" she chanted hopping on one foot than the other.   What an absolutely perfect way to start a day.  Also in her bounty was gardenia, aspargus fern,  and caladium beauties.  That gardenia fragrance must have been  the impetus to my yellow-brick road moment.  Well, who could resist such a beginning.  Pajama clad I hustled to Little Cedar Grove and began to create.  Now I'm here to tell you that there is pure perfection in having your first cup of coffee with soil on your hands.  I wouldn't recommend it IN the cup, but no cup is more appealing to me than wearing just such a touch.  By the way, lil Cedar Grove is my newly-christened screened-in back porch.   I have a penchant for naming things, for instance, my backyard is Pandora.   There's a story to it all, but will save that for a later post.  AND lil Cedar Grove is a mouthful, so look for a nickname to come (another penchant).  

Mossy LOOOOOVES summer.  Her antics ratchet up as the first warm breezes begin to stir.   

My love for summer begins with God's glory as it explodes in all of nature's displays around us.  From the uncurling of the tiniest of fern fronds to the burst of riotous color in a Hibiscus bloom, there is no denying our Creator's hand.  As school bells ring for the last time and backpacks are laid down,  it's as if a curtain rises to all that surrounds us.   From the tinkle of a stream, to the twitter of the birds,  I am totally enthralled as the Overture of Summer begins.   I'm just saying....may none of us in life's hustle and bustle miss not a single exquisite note of the gift of this day!!!  

p.s.  Mossy just tiptoed by wearing a skirt of glued-on Purina small bites for dogs.  If that wasn't weird enough, I now see Butchey, Maizey, and Millie with sweaters on.  Uh-Oh, these three may be in for a rough day!!

FYI: Mossy and Me have just joined and are participating in a blog circle with some fun and creative women.  Click on Blogging in my Buick and see what Jamie has to say this month.

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