My Girls

My Girls

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mossy wants YOU......

Kicking off my shoes, I dropped onto the sofa like a sack of potatoes.   "Pssst...  Pssssst....." she even managed to make this sound screechy.  "I know if I ignore you, you WILL go away."  I mumbled in a barely audible whisper.  With both hands full of my eyelashes, Mossy pulled & tugged to pull open my eyelids,  "You gotta play, you gotta play."    Peace was non-existent,  as long as she was this determined.  So pop open my eyes I did.   "What do you want to play?"  I questioned, as I checked to see if I STILL had ANY eyelashes.  What followed once again left me without words.  NOW, she doesn't just want ME to play, but YOU get to enter into the game, as well. 

She began with her lunch.  It would appear that while she & Crazyhorse had corn for lunch, he more or less insulted/dared/teased (you pick) the little imp.  Crazyhorse told Mossy that corn was good, but she too young to count it.  Okay, I'll say it for you....WHAT?  Yes, Crazyhorse.  Are you wondering, as I, if Mossy now communes with Indian spirits?   When I voiced the question, the eyes did roll.  Mossy, by the way, does this in a superb, drama-mama way, of which, any eye-rolling female could only dream to emulate.   But that ole Crazyhorse BE WRONG!!!  she cried indignantly.  Me & Pearl we counted alllllllllll afternoon and we know the answerGuess it, guess it," she chanted.   What am I guessing?   "Follow me,"  and follow I did.  She lead me straight to the jar pictured this point I just thudded my own self in the head...... I just truly should have known that no vegetable servings had been met that day.


Mossy tells me there will be a prize for the most accurate guess and that you can enter as many guesses as you would like.  She will conclude her contest on October 15th at midnight.   

She, ALSO tells me that there WILL be a prize that we will mail to the lucky winner!  She would like to heighten the suspense of WHAT the prize would be, so I am to tell you that the prize will be announced next Wednesday! 

So tune in to find the surprise of Mossy's prize and meanwhile, guess, guess, guess.....


My Girls

My Girls
Snippets of an addle-pated mind and her wee little gnome friend, Mossy.

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