My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an East Texas Fair and a wee little gnome....

met for the first time tonight!  I'd suspected she'd hitched a ride when reaching for a lipstick I came up empty-handed.   You know how most of our purses have a side pocket inside we stuff full?  And you know how frustrating it is when you reach to grab your goodie and it's empty?  Well, ladies I'm here to tell you this is a favorite traveling perch for gnomes and fairies.  Gnomes & fairies who kick out the goodies to make room to stretch as they hitch a ride!  Uhhhh, I quite accidentally came unto this bit of info lately (for sure another story).

I didn't spot her though, until I stood transfixed by the ferris wheel.  The seat LOOKED empty with no heads sticking up, but the entire thing was rocking to & fro in the opposite direction of the swings.  Okay, here I must admit, I still wasn't paying close attention until the sparkler came into view.  Speechless, I edged closer thinking NO WAY, BUT wAY!!!!!!  She skillfully leaped to the edge of the fastened door and with one last huge wave of her fading-fast sparkler jumped to the ground.   She strutted past me with nary a glance.  Now here is where my mouth fell wide open!  On her back, visible because of her Junk Gypsy tank top (Now how did she get that from one of my favorite junksters?) was a HUGE PINK hEART tAToo!  

I hastened to catch up as she trotted into a pavilion.  PIGS, pigs, pigs, here and there and everywhere!  BUT, no Mossy!   I dashed into another pavilion to find COWS, cows, cows, here and there and everywhere!  BUT, no Mossy.  It twas then when I heard quite the commotion.  A commotion creating a stampede from the petting corral.  Parents snatched up children running pell-mell out the gate.  Why even the obvious gatekeeper had jumped the fence and fled the pen.   Dodging the masses, I found my little culprit on the back of a small black & white goat.   She scowled even harder as she clutched two fists of hair.  The goat was in full bucking-bull mode and quite intent on ridding his back of its rider.  Mossy let go!!!!  I yelled over the commotion!  Never, she screeched, this little sucker took a bite of my hair!  Dirt, flew in about every direction it could, as the billy goat spun ever faster!  "Mossy, don't use that word," I admonished as I pondered the scene before me.  This was quite the mess how on earth could it end? No sooner the thought than end it did.  That little billy goat just lowered his head,  providing the way for Rodeo Mossy to exit.  She regally climbed between its ears and off his nose.  She turned shaking her finger at billy and then cut her eyes to me.  Exaggerating a stretch and a yawn ,she announced it was time to go home.  Rolling my eyes, I'd had enough.  But wait, just as I opened my mouth to inquire of a  pink heart tatoo ........poof !  Geepers!  So I stamped my foot in frustration and asked of its origin just the same right outloud.  The billy goat turned and mumbled one word.......fake.  WHAT?  Did a goat just answer? Well, yes, it appeared he had.   For he followed it up with a swish of his tail and a wink of his eye, again!

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My Girls
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