My Girls

My Girls

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ugly what?

From the corner of my eye the pages of my recipe book (or aka,black hole)  began to flip, first left then right.  Mossy?   I lowered the speed of the mixer in which to better hear her reply.  None came.  Mossy, I don't know how many cups of powdered sugar to add since you've decided to explore.  I am trying to finish my Ugly Cake.  WHAT DID YOU SAY?, was her screechy little reply as she came fully into view.  This is when it was my turn to cry, WHAT?  For you see, she stood on one foot, atop an egg within the carton, as if meditating arms fully extended to the side.    Shaking my head, (as if that could straighten out what was within) I leaned slowly and carefully forward.  I think, I must be trying to encourage the same type movement in the wee one for she wasssss STANDING on one of my eggs!  Mossy, I NEED my recipe card for UGLY CAKE, NOW!  The timer had long since rung and the cake awaited her sugar.......  Well  fiddle dee dee and blow it our your egg she cried as she jumped (like hopscotch) from egg to egg and landed on the edge of the stovetop.  And then came an (extremely crisp)  find it yourself!  And find it I did as this very delectable cake gained her sugar and was finally completed, baked and cooled.  Never, I tell Mossy who's presence I sense but do not see, judge a book by it's cover, or cake in this instance.  Let's just say that this cake has earned it's name in every sense of the word.  But let's also say it tis a cake very worthy in taste of a very enticing, gotta-try it, melt-in-your-mouth title! 

By the way.......the lower left corner not pictured has a rather gnome-size piece I discovered missing...haha...really, Mossy.....blow it out my egg????

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