My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

get up, get up, get up........

with one last thought to ignore, I cracked open one eye to see feet on my pillow this morn.   Mossy chanted at me:  time has put on her reeboks and I ain't talking the walking models, get up, get up, get up!  Well, past the little imp I could see the clock blinking and Mossy was mostly definitely correct, but sleep called abit louder than one wee red-head's rantings.  And just as I snuggled back down into the pillow,
BAM went her hightop into my nose! JEEPERS, MOSSY!
 Have I told you that Mossy has unusually large feet?  The entire package is about 10"tall, but her hat is about 3" of that, her hair is abit unruly an takes up an inch with the rest being proportioned until you reach the FEET! The funny thing is (and I'll pay for this comment) is that what should be the worst feature she considers her best.  Have I told you that Mossy went to New York with me in May(that story we'll save for another day)?  Well, I'm not sure how she did it but when we returned you never know what on her feet she'll display, there's ballet slippers, hiking boots, hightops and low, there's tennis shoes, Dorothy's sparkly red shoes, and Cinderella's glass slippers, and, well you get the picture. Now she's not much on clothes so there's never a match but the shoes are a vision on any a day!
Well needless to say both eyes flew open!  It was then that the imp broke into a dance!  A River Dance worthy of Michael himself was performed while (I swear)I heard bagpipes playing.  Her hightops flew as she twisted and jumped to the rhythm that sprang from the heavens.  By the time she was finished, I'd forgotten my nose and was clapping and swaying myself.  Ahhh, what a grand Irish beginning did this make to my day and so to share I'd have to say.....  A TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU..and as the road rises up to greet you this morn may you dance a jig worthy of it's glory!

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My Girls
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