My Girls

My Girls

Monday, September 6, 2010

as if on the bow of Titanic......

she rode, leaning forward, arms extended. eyes closed.......only one thing missing, Leonardo!!!!  At one point I watched her lean forward on one foot and then......  Did she dive forward or did she slip?  I wondered but not for long as I watched her swim with a small school of fish and leap out of the water off to the right.  I was in my own dream as the lake cast her spell over all in its sight with the night.  The bats swirled and dipped above and lights twinkled from campsites around.  Laughter, sweet and joyful floated on the breeze as the last unofficial day of summer seemed to tenderly slip away.......  Dusk darkened and with it the water.  Too soon came the time to take the canoe in, too soon, too soon, too soon......  Over & over seemed the refrain did repeat in my mind as we loaded the canoe on its rack.  It was summer slipping away.....  As I stood and looked back, she rode regally in on top of a turtle so green!  She thanked him quite grandly and courtsyed for him as he nodded a quick reply back.  My, my, my Mossy I laughed right out loud who could mourn with you in my sight?  Will you hurry it up?  You cut it quite close for the truck was loaded for home.  So Labor Day came and Labor Day went and all one truly could say:  Twas a day of delight and fairies so fair, as they played on the shores of the lake and none could think other of a day with such gems but to grin of an exit so grand!

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My Girls

My Girls
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