My Girls

My Girls

Friday, September 10, 2010

a drawer full of ?????

Mossy, Good Morning!  I opened the shop.  The cooler hummed, the radio played and even the light bulb that talks could be heard, but no Mossy seemed to stir.  The morning progressed and lovelies were made and just as I thought she must not be here......  I opened a drawer for a snippet of tape and found a snippet of a gnome in its place!  As I drew the drawer open, first to come into view were a pair of pink ballerina slippers tied on red & white tights.  As I continued to pull,a tutu of purple with a plaid jacket of orange was displayed.  Now remember, I warned you of the lack of a match and I had actually underplayed the reality!  I hooted and whooped as the drawer fully opened to reveal the whole picture below.  Still in her mouth was a birthday horn of bright green and on her head a birthday hat of blinking lights.  But the show stopper indeed was her friend of green beside her!  Both still sound asleep, for they must have partyed quite hardy!  Oh, what a sight they presented!  At this point one eye opened and Mossy lifted her hand to motion the drawer to be closed.  Ahhhhhh, Mossy wake up and tell me your tales, but nary a word did she say.  So I sighed and obeyed and carefully closed the drawer on........Miss Mossy her self and the wee tiny frog that matched the matchless, down to the blinking hat on it's head!

A thought suddenly came and I wondered out loud,   WHO'S BIRTHDAY?

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My Girls

My Girls
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