My Girls

My Girls

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Okay, I admit it.......I like to play dress up!  Below is evidence of my latest as Julia Childs.  Yes, it's for promoting a great event, but it was MY idea to don the garb.   In my preparations for the costume, Halloween came up yet again.  "Now what happens on Halloween?"  questions an impatient Mossy.  "They give away caNDY?  I'll dress up, too!   Guess what I'm going to be?  Guess what I'm  going to be?"  As she chanted on and on, I couldn't help but think of the obvious.........why not.......a gnome?  Unfortunately (for me), I uttered these words out loud.  One moment my polish remover had been on the end table and the next, well, let's just say I have a pair of jeans for painting in.  "I do declare, Mossy that if I can get my hands on you.........." You can see who's turn it was to chant on and on now.  After a bit of ranting, I suddenly realized I was quite alone.  Freaky.  Where was she?  This was one of those moments, like when a toddler gets quiet that you KNOW somethings going down.  These somethings are rarely good.


I froze as I rounded the bar, my Julia Childs' pillbox hat was moving!   It seemed to float an inch or so off the floor and was heading straight to me!  It had to be her, right?  Gulp! And then I heard her.."Su-Surprise!" and with a grunt and a heave Mossy threw the hat off to the side.  Oh, Glory be!  It was an outfit that perfectly duplicated mine until you got to the feet.  Julia Childs stood below and in front of me, a gnome that is, dressed like Julia Childs.  She had on the classic pumps, but unfortunately the hose she wore were hot pink fishnets!  I slapped my hand over my mouth, just in time.  I feared what piece of clothing I would lose next, if this laugh escaped.

"Your her"  I cried instead.  " By George (or rather Julia), you've done it!  Mossy beamed with pride and began to strut for all to see (this would be me).  My last glimpse of the wee Julia for the day was a memorable one for sure!  She had slipped outside and stood on the porch railing.  Below her as if she were holding court, six doves listened quite intently.  What was she saying?  I thought as I cracked open a window.  Yes, there it was again.  In a lilting screech she did her best with none other than Julia's greeting,  Bon Appetit! And to you, Bon Jour!!!!!

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