My Girls

My Girls

Thursday, September 16, 2010

trick or treat.......

smell my feet, give me something good to eat.........  Oh, how I wish you could have seen her as she sashayed across the floor.  Mossy had HOUNDED me until I relented.  "Okay,"  I agreed.  "I will get out the Halloween decorations!"  It would appear that Halloween ranks up with weddings on a Mossy scale.  Each Fall comes a calling and so does the illness.  Boxes and boxes of what anyone with sanity would throw away gets unwrapped and scattered over all that will sit still.  Why do I do this?  That could be a million dollar answer, if anyone I knew had a million or two......... 

Treat or treat, smell my feet.......  Now picture the little imp with a dog's Halloween jester collar on.  And if that's not enough add the matching hat complete with slits for a puppy dogs ears.  Now place sticking up with total abandon Mossy's red curls through these slits.   As if this was not entertainment enough, it suddenly hit me what the costume clad imp was doing.................LINE DANCING!  Yep, move over goat-ropers, here comes Mossy!  YeeHaw!  Now, here, I must admit to jumping right in and joining the fun down the hall.   Boot scootin boogie........  We boogied up pumpkins all over the house.  The pumpkins were tall.  The pumpkins were small.  They leered and they jeered or had no face at all.

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My Girls

My Girls
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