My Girls

My Girls

Sunday, September 26, 2010


don't we all seek it ceaselessly?  A visual of Mossy balancing on an egg a few blogs back comes quickly to mind.  If Mossy had lost her balance she would have plunged into a rather icky mess (also created one for ME to clean up).  And don't we find ourselves in an "icky mess" when we over or even under commit to the wrong or even right thing?  I can seriously say from experience MISERY rules the day.  It's as if a two year old picks up a crayon and begins to color every surface in the house and the coloring book.  In other words,  EVERYTHING is colored by imbalance, whether it's the culprit or not. 

Funny thing is that while I ponder "balance" I am laying on my back on the living room floor.  Above me the ceiling fan turns slowly around.  Unconsciously at first, the wobble of the fan goes unnoticed until a small flip-flop clad foot dangling off one side comes into focus.  Good gracious, MOSSY!!!!!!  A tiny chuckle followed, but there was no change in the dangling.   I'm not sure how long we had both hung out in those positions, she above and me below, when suddenly, Mossy peeked over the edge of the fan and the spitball landed on my cheek.  SPLAT! UGH!  Leaping to my feet the chase was on!  She squealed in delight as she dashed out the back door.   Rushing into Pandora I skidded to a stop (or tried to) to the very edge of the pond  andddddddd OOPS!  Let's just say Princess and Flash (two of our Koi) had to move over.   Mossy tried not to laugh (she really did).  She calmly swung to and fro in the wreath watching with widened eyes.  Seriously, who would have known that my fall decorating would have produced a swing for the wee one?  But it was just too much for me,  first I started with giggles then huge yelps of laughter.   There I sat in about 28" deep water wiping away both tears and pond water from my eyes.   Princess, Flash, Fish, Suzy, Jake, and Cora  (Koi, Shebunkins, & Comet Goldfish) circled me in the pond.   And to think, this all began with......what? .....really?........BALANCE?

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  1. We all need balance!!!! Keep writing. You are inspiring. Did Izzy get Princess?


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