My Girls

My Girls

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was...

a good friend of mine.......  These were the screechy words of song I began to hear above the clanking of dishes.  Is there (might I ask) anything remotely more boring than emptying a dishwasher?  Well, not anymore for me this morn.  Creeping down the hall I began to hear splashing accompanying the song.   Peeking around the corner there she was!  Mossy bathing in my frog fountain!!! Water was tossed every direction as she flitted from level to level in a.........OH NO!  Can you guess, YES, that's it ....A YELLOW POLKA-DOT BIKINI!  Wow what a sight to behold......let's just say Special K would NOT be featuring this model for their commercials (either before or after shots).  HeHeHe, Mossy was so absorbed in her play, she had yet to notice me watching (or so she wanted me to think).  Seriously, who knows how a gnome thinks.  It was then I noticed her shoes.  Want to guess again?  Sorry, you couldn't.  Dorthy's red slippers.  Well, she knew I watching now, for I had to sit down I was laughing so hard.  "Fiddle dee dee" was her only acknowledgement, as she grew even louder in song and play. 

I watched for awhile as her play was contagious.  Then I began to hear it again, woRK, reSPONSIBILITIES, and choRES calling.  Wait, I noticed as I turned to leave.....  a small wee pumpkin on Mossy's moss.  As you would guess the obvious, Mossy adores moss.  ALL moss, mood moss, reindeer moss, sphagum moss, etc. etc.  For the wee one, I try to keep several containers with strictly moss as an occupant scattered about the house.  One of these is above the fountain.  This one filled with mood moss.  in particular, is a favorite for an afternoon nap, but never have I seen anything on it, but Mossy. 

FINALLY, YOU CAN SEE IT, TOO!!!!!!!  I snap picture after picture of the wee little gnome but never does her image appear, but her PUMPKIN DOES!  Hope you enjoy it.........tickles me pink or orange in this case. 

 And so, humming, I load the dishwasher......Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a

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  1. oh my, i can still hear us singing that song in jr. high, and very loudly i might add, "Jeremiah was a bull frog . Was a good friend of mine . I never understood a single word he said ......

    and while i'm remembering, what about drill team dance to "Indian Reservation"


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My Girls
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