My Girls

My Girls

Saturday, September 18, 2010

in my coffee this morning a toffee nut creamer.....

with a dollop of AN ACORN TOP?  As I sat in Pandora (my backyard) this morn sipping and looking about.  A feather of black and of white sashayed down from above directly in front of my nose.  Hmmmmm.  But the next rude addition of an acorn top in my coffee and the splash of the brew to my clothes, brought a .....MOSSY NOW STOP IT!!!!  Not me, not me, she laughed with delight as she hopped about the pond.  Look up, look up and then you will see!  So look I did and COULD NOT BELIEVE!  On every branch and marching up the trunk were wee little men as far as I could see.  When I say wee, I mean wee!  Their bodies were pine cones and on top of each head sat quite jauntily was an acorn top.  Small paint cans & brushes or saws were carried by each as they marched in what looked like formation.  There were however a few up to mischief and need I say which kind were directly above me? What are they, Mossy?  Woods-elf's she declared as she skipped over rocks.    Mossy what are they doing?  And it's then when I got it.......the "you've got to be kidding me, right"  look.  DO YOU THINK THOSE LEAVES JUST TURN RED, YELLOW, ORANGE BY THEMSELVES?  The more she explained the louder she got, AND DO YOU THINK LEAVES FALL OFF CAUSE THEY WANT TO?

I was dumbfounded....
And I was late to work .......

Mossy and I dashed into get ready and as I got dressed she expanded.  You see, apparently, there are multiple tribes and their nomads in every right.  They travel by air to their next job and I don't mean American Airlines, she added. Okay, at this point, I pinched myself, I mean, I do talk to gnomes, but WOODS-ELVES?
Of course, I couldn't stand it.  Late or not, I ran out to Pandora to get one more gander of what was in those branches above.  Gone.  NOT A ONE!  How could it be?  I KNEW IT!  I cried, malarkey it was, as I grabbed up my purse and my keys. 

See this is the reason, one sees what one sees, said the wee little red head from above.  She swung from the pot rack and shook her bright curls.  Pointing one finger, she said with disdain, and so you wonder of why all is missed, surrounded by all you don't see, the reason is clear it's the obvious answer, you believe not of what is right there.......

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My Girls

My Girls
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