My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I kissed a boy......

I liked it......  Mossy sang and sang as she Cha Cha'd around the TV.  "You've changed the lyrics", I pointed out to the wee cowboy boot clad gnome.  "Whatever", she replied.  Obviously, someone had been watching DANCING WITH THE STARS last night.   "I want Kyle and Lacey to winNNNNN!", she sang to her previous tune.  Suddenly, she jumped onto the ottoman using it as a springboard landed on the sofa table, grabbing the arms of a goblin for a partner.  Surely, not........  BUT SURELY SO!  No sooner than her hands touched his off they went across the room!   Not only was the Goblin now dancing but crooning like a Frank Sinatra of old.  He sang his own version, OF COURSE !    Wow, who needs TV?  Then I chuckled, evidently they did!

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My Girls

My Girls
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