My Girls

My Girls

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm getting married in the morning.......

DING DONG the bells are going to chime......or so the song goes......and so the bells chimed for one this Saturday.   MOSSY LOVES WEDDINGS!  This was an entirely new revelation this weekend.  What's NOT to love she chanted as she dashed between the legs (unseen by them of course) of the stagers, the caterers, and we who dripped flowers off every surface that could be bedazzled with the scented blooms.  She was completely mezmerized by the disco lights that lined the entire reception room where many would dance the night away.  The music throbbed and many hands readied what was sure to be the talk of the town for many days to come.  I watched her dance and watch HERSELF in the reflection of mercury glass vases-she circled the vase as she moved with the beat. 

I walked by a table of floating tea lights & anenome blooms and guess who was bobbing inside one?   Where is your wee little green friend today?  She laughed and swished her tutu in answer.  It was then that I saw her eyes widen in suprise as she looked past me to the front door.  I turned to see what possibly could have rendered Mossy speechless?  Layer number one of the wedding cake entered, layer number two was placed on it' top, then in came three and so on and so on...  What can I say of Mossy's reaction?  Her excitement grew with each layer.  She pirouetted around the layers and dodged the baker's hands.  Mossy.....I whispered, what's come over you....STAY OUT OF THE WAY!  She ignored me quite completely as she twirled ever faster,  MOSSY DON'T YOU DARE CLIMB UP THERE!  Ahhh, but speech was quite useless to the wee little gnome who seemed to have fallen under some wedding cake spell.  I stared just dumbstruck as she scooted to the top and stood there for all to see (now, that is if they only believed).   As I moved slightly closer, I truly could see wee indentions of footprints on each round.  Now what, I thought, as I paced and tried to look busy.  And then came the answer.....the crowning glory of all.......boxes and boxes of flowers of sugar were placed on the layers of cake.   So many in fact, I lost sight of Mossy as she ducked around and through them all.   Suddenly, she appeared quite close to the top and gave me a big thumbs up!  Don't do it, I cried as I saw the gleam in her eye, but too late came the thought!  So let's just say with some assurity that one wee small gnome was the first to taste a certain wedding cake that day!

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My Girls
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