My Girls

My Girls

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a lark of lilacs

Oh how Mossy did frolic today!  Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Freesia, Lemon Leaves, Lisianthus, Tea Leaves, Seeded Eucalyptus and Roses and more.........  She dove into the flowers with an abandon one could only envy.  I heard her splashing beneath the blooms in their water buckets.  Bucket after bucket filled the shop, mixing its' fragrances with an artistry that Chanel could only envy!!!!  As I scooped up a stem of spray roses to process who should I see floating on her back?  I leaned over the bucket and what should I get?  A stream of water straight up from her mouth.   Eeeewwww, I cried while I couldn't help but grin.  Dodging the next stream I reached for the culprit and POOF,  she was gone once again!  Here I am, here I am, she cried from the lemon leaves catch me if you can.  I have work to do Mossy and be about it I must!!  If your not going to help me then please do not hinder. It was as if I had double-dog dared!  She swang from the willow onto the hydrangeas and used them as springs to land on the vases.  She tight-roped walked the rims of the vases and hopped ever higher and higher.  When will these shenanigans stop?  With a customer's entrance I could no longer watch and found silence upon my return.  The afternoon wound to an end.  And ahead of my broom as I swept one last time was always a footprint or two.  Locking the door, I looked up to see the bucket of hypericum berries rocking.  Have fun tonight, Mossy but take extra care!  For the petals you dance on will make lovelies tomorrow.  But as I sit here tonight, I must confide that I wonder and wish I was watching tonight.  The lark and the wonder of a shop full of flowers and the party created there this night!

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My Girls

My Girls
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