My Girls

My Girls

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everythings coming up RoSeS!!!!

I must confess....I've been keeping a secret from Mossy!  Yes, this morning it was reiterated to me at FOUR O'CLOCK that this was a wise decision.  For you see, 2400 roses have arrived at Harvey Hall for MOssy to play with.  As we both have been counting "her corn" I knew she would be able to relate to the amount (even though she's watching-I'm counting) and I just knew this knowledge would be too much...... 

"Mossy, guess what we are doing tomorrow and WHERE we will be working?" I sorta slid this in while heating dinner.  "Hmmmmm,"  she replied rather distractedly, as she appeared behind the cookbooks carrying something in her hand.  " Mossy," softly I called.  "TWENTY FOUR HUNDRED ROSES"  I yelled this jumping up and down (I guess Mossy's not the only rather excitable one around here).  She staggered to the middle of the counter, she zombie-vied leaned this way and that, she spun, she circled and KERPLUNK.  Unto her back she fell, stiff as a corpse, holding a small rosebud in her hands straight up.  Need I say what she looked like?  The show was most worthy of applause and more jumping up and down which she joined me in this time.  As the evening wore on, I believe her number of questions rivaled the number of roses!  "No, Mossy I don't know exactly how many vases.  No, Mossy I'm not sure there are any Fema Roses (my favorite-she knows this), or Tea Green Roses (her favorite)".  We talked of all the lovelies to be created until the wee hours.  I slept with roses dancing in my head until I awoke with Mossy's feet dancing on my pillow.  The wee one could not contain her excitement.  "Lets go!  Let's go! she nudged as she jumped from one foot to another.  "Oh, oh, how many boxes of moss?" this she asked almost reverently.  "moSSY, SLEEP I MUST OR NARY A ROSE WILL YOU SEE!  I threatened.  This is rather an empty threat.  For how would I keep her from going?  "I want to see sheep not roses, pleeeeeeeeease." 

Let me just interject at this point that it's SIX a.m.!  Neither sheep nor sleep were to be found since FOUR!  I would like to say tis ALL been the pixie, but truthful that would not be.  But then, let's face often do any of us (forgive me) stop to smell the roses?  When, indeed,  will I EVER have twenty-four HUNDRED roses to play with again?  Mossy's right.  Why not fully enjoy each moment we have of the gift of such beauty?  So, eagerly we both await, the moments of today.  Wishing for you, too, a day of roses, of realization, of moments to pause, of roses to see...... 

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My Girls

My Girls
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