My Girls

My Girls

Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Mossy

Need to relax? What better than a hot bath?  This was the thought one Columbus Day evening.  How was I to know that Mossy was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of me?  How was I to know that as a Columbus MOssy she had been sailing from one end of the tub to the other discovering the Americas ALL day?  Inform me she did, however, of her AMAZING feat. 

"MOssy I do believe Christopher beat you to it in 1492."  "Humph," she replied as she used my razor to navigate the treachorous waters.  Dodging the rubber ducky she shared her tale.  "We watched him as he landed and THOUGHT he was the first.  Did he realize how many were watching?  Naaaaaaa!  Too busy gloating and demanding and bossing to see what was unseen.  This seemed abit high handed to me, but who am I?"  I thought.    "Can you share how many and WHAT was watching?"  I asked.  Ramping up the back of the tub and back down with a swoosh she simply grinned and saluted.  "Well, will your discovering conclude soon?" I whined abit.    Shocked!   That's what she was at this  mere suggestion of an end in sight.  "Greatness,"  she replied  "Cannot be limited!"  I surveyed the scene before me.  Tub toys danced about Mossy as she rode the bow of a toy sailboat.  She struck a pose, pushing her nose forward, shading her eyes, squinting as if to see the undiscovered shore. 

Honestly, limitations?   I pondered it all.........
Limitations of the tub parameters?  Limitations of her size?  A toy sailboat?  A razor for an oar? The limitations of an imagination? The answer came......nope, none in sight!!!! 

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My Girls
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