My Girls

My Girls

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maddie's Magnificant Mini's

grace several corner's of my wee house!  With  teensy tiny lumps of clay she makes magic & whimsy come alive!  In fact, just say the word and it appears in miniATURE encased and ready just for you!!!!!  So on a wee little shelf in a wee little room sits a frog having just captured a fly on his tongue!  Well, that is until in the middle of the night while I was scuffling around with Advil in my hand did I notice the box was EMPTY .   Who took my frog?  Well in the middle of the night, as that time would have it, the next thought is:  uh, I'll take care of that in the morning, or I didn't really notice that, or Mossy, again, etc.etc.etc.  Truthfully, until a morning cup of coffee and breath of fresh air did memory return of the night's discovery.  AND truthfully, I did not remember UNTIL there it was!  Was that it?  I jumped from my chair and grabbed my phone to take pictures.  YES, YES, YES!!!!  The magnificent mini was sitting on a rock!  A rock beside a pond!  A pond OUTSIDE!
Why, oh why, should I ever be surprised, but yes, indeedy, I continue to be!  "MOSSY", I exclaimed, as I moved even closer.  Silence met me.   

 Giving up on immediate answers, I moved back to my perch and was captured by the play of the morning in Pandora.  Pandora is glorious in the morn and this morn twas no different.  Creatures great and small come in to see and to be seen (I suspect).     Cardinals (at least 8) gathered in a rather informal breakfast meeting, chattering back & forth.  Koi swirled in colors of orange and red and gold.  A young squirrel stretched scratching or was it......yes, he was actually putting on deodorant!  Another flicked her tail, challenging the little upstart to a romp on the limbs.  Swooping in from a neighbor's yard were nuthatches and wrens chattering of upcoming events and what the news of the previous day had been.  I caught a snippet of the hawk's ruckus and how disgusted they all were by his deed.  Poor little wren, she'd had not a chance.  And to think he'd had the audacity to sit in the driveway and gloat!  Don had actually snapped a pic of the culprit catching him in the act.  You'll have to look close, that is, if you want to see the dastardly deed!!!!!!

Enraptured by all that was before me and listening intently...... I failed to see... one wee little frog move its locale.  Until..........
Yellow boy was chasing Red-Head and I noticed a tiny frog watching!  Then I heard the bells (Mossy's laughter).  "What are you doing with MY frog, Miss Mossy?"  I asked.  "YOURS??" she demanded stomping her foot.  "Since when does Pearl belong to YOU?"  "Since Maddie made her for me," I quickly shot back. 
"MINE - MINE - MINE" she grew louder with each mine until I saw Pearl cover her ears.  "Okay, FINE (I knew a lost battle when I saw one).   Mossy, Pearl better find her way back unto a certain shelf when the fun of the morning's frolic concludes."      POOF! 

And so the morning progressed and it wasn't long til I roamed into a wee little room with a wee little shelf and a saw a wee little Pearl in her box!

To see more of Maddies' Magnificants and INSANE Envelopes (fantastic cheeky creations), check out her blog at:   Or link below!

And don't forget to enter Mossy's contest....see the previous blog for details! 

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