My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Munday, Munday.....

some Mondays certainly deserve more of the above spelling, don't you think?  Mundane at best......  Murphy's law loves Mondays, etc. etc......   BUT a Mossy Monday, well that is anything BUT mundane.

   She was waiting for me when I returned home this afternoon.  Opening the refrigerator to tuck in a gallon of milk, she awaited me.  She was behind the juice.  If it had not been for the sound of tinkling bells (her laughter) I'd have had quite a fright indeed.  She tossed a grape straight at my nose, shoved an orange out and onto the floor and POOFED as she stood on the bacon.  Mercy, Mossy!  Admittedly, there is a certain look, a pose, a tilt of her head, a toss of a get the picture, that can strike a wee bit of fear in the even halfway intelligent!  I mean, let's face it,  Mossy has alot in common with the Tasmanian Devil.  Now here, I must share that Mossy can not read!  I have mentioned that she loves her blog, but I read her HER blog.  I sorta leave out some comments (vital to my health).  I circled the kitchen busying myself with putting up groceries, but this time with the eye of the wary.  I felt her presence.  She knew it, too.  Timing is everything.  Stephen King could take notes on Mossy's suspense building, here she comes, appearances.

"Ladies and Gents" I heard her before I saw her.  "In the first ring you will witness my friends as they circle for your viewing pleasure!'  Blinking,  I stood dumbfounded, AGAIN!  A box of animal crackers lay open on its side.  And, yes, animal crackers were circling in the air as if suspended with fishing line holding them, but couldn't see.   "The ring" appeared to be around my head.    Here is where Mossy begins to lay out on the counter laughing!  "Mossy, could your friends perform over, perhaps, closer to you?"  This threw her into another fit of laughter as she threw her hands up in the air.  "You should see your face" she giggled more.  "Your eyes cut from side to side!"  "And yours would to, with animal crackers before your nose," I retorted.   She rolled this way and that across the cutting board and finally coming to a stop next to the Cool Whip.  Flipping the lid off with the blink (or wink) of her eye she scooped up a dollop and..... hurled it into the air!  "Food fight!"  No sooner were the words out, but my performing friends dove straight into the cool whip and out with the speed of light.  Puffs of Cool Whip filled the air like a January snow.  Ducking one or two I searched for a perch to watch the fun from.  That is.....until...... backing up Mossy tipped over the candlestick, which hit the bowl, knocked over a picture frame, shattered a cup and the grand finale was her landing into a filled-to-the-brim pie shell.  If you've ever visited, you know that this is quite possible.  As I tend to "layer" as I call it. any surface or space! :)  Perhaps on any other day without a looming deadline, we might have all continued the folly, but this was MONDAY!  That pie MOssy's behind was in was due to the neighbors in seconds.  That cup was a favorite from a B and B in Vicksburg and now bits of "snow" were scattered onto ALL!  Slowly I turned my head.....step by step...slooooowwwwlllllly I reached for the cherry covered imp....... POOF!  Knew that was coming, didn't ya?  I held my tongue (most unusual), but stomped around as I spiffied and cleaned and started a new pie.  I, fortunately had the ingredients, we were only a "wee" late -me & the pie that is!

Have you a Tasmanian Devil in your life?   Ahhhhh, you need one, my friends:  be it a willful child, a spontaneous spouse, an adventuresome friend.   They will drive you NUTS and then touch your heart as none other can.   On my return in the exact location of all that had gone wrong was such a sweet little valentine by my wee little friend.  The moment I saw it a tear or two sprang.  The moment I saw it she sprung into view. 

"I heart you"  she whispered as she twisted a curl and looked sheepishly down.  Then springing into the air she flung me a kiss and had poofed before landing as she would have!

How does one find a heart of a potato?  I dare say no other exist!   What others can't, those Tasmanians can do!  So for you,
                        this morn
                                    I wish a Mossy or two
                                                       for the mischief and the mayhem,
                                                                                   and MOST of all
                                                                                                 that you may be hearted, too!!!!!

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