My Girls

My Girls

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walk a caterpillar!

Glancing out the window, what should I see?  Mossy leading the very green creature pictured above with a leash.  Granted, the going was a wee bit slow, but both seemed to be very content and in full conversation. 

 I  love the way Mossy knows how to embrace a moment.

Seriously, she seems to grab hold of it with both tiny hands and absorb every minuscule of it.  Now please don't misunderstand.  I do NOT mean that she is a whirling dervish of productivity, or a multi-tasker extraordinaire or even a mountain moving momma (anthill in her case).
She simply knows (perhaps instinctively) how to embrace the simple things of life.  I heard something today and was struck by the truth of it.

 Dear Diary, I notice we put more and more emphasis on our homes and spend less and less time in them.  I just came back from a neighborhood full of lovely houses in the middle of the day and they were all empty.  They were like vessels to hold the life you want, but have no time to have.

  Mossy gets time.   She knows how to fill a moment, so most certainly a home.  She can rip through it with total abandon or sit still and hear it's rhythm.    She knows the sound of the clock in the hall, the whirl of the living room's ceiling fan, the creak of the pantry's door and the faint music of the fountain outside the window.
When was the last time I "heard" the music of my home and filled the vessel to the rim?  

Now having said that, I look out to find Mossy and the wee green creature on the rim of the fountain!  The two are waltzing!   Yes, just picture the commercial of the father with his daughter's feet on top of his and you can get the gist of the two outside my window.  Bells tinkled.  Enchanted,

I watched and wished for myself and you too,
a vessel not only filled to the brim,
 but running oVer with whimsy today!!!!

excerpt from Deanne Fitzpatrick's Diary


  1. Thanks to you and Mossy for my "Happy Halloween" sign. I love it! I'm sitting here eating some candy corn with dry roasted peanuts and it tastes like a payday. YUM-o!! I wish you and Mossy were here to share it with me. Have a good week!!


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My Girls
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