My Girls

My Girls

Saturday, October 16, 2010

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..............


mOSSY's first ever contest has a winner:  2dayisgood   CONGRATULATIONS!!  

When I say drum roll please,  I am only stating what I am experiencing!  Midnight, yes, midnight cymbals clashed in the computer room/office/craft room/guest bedroom (a room of many hats).    Five thirty seven found Mossy marching down the hall with a what appears to be a band uniform on and a large baton!  I found evidence of confetti on the coffee table and a wee bottle of champagne was empty on the kitchen counter.  Hmmmmmm........ 

BUT, the ultimate was not a rooster crowing this morning in Tyler, Texas, but a rather noisy series of firecrackers!  I grabbed my phone and got these shots of a display just for Tammie!!!!!! Our total corn count was 1515 and YOU were soooooooo close.  Our second place is a wee dark-haired beauty with 1101!  Mossy insist on a second place prize as well, for Miss Kylee Grace.  We do, however, need a mailing address for our winner.  Please email and a goody or two will be winging its way soon!

Now, with a huge day ahead of us and more goodies to make we bid you adieu!  OH NO!  more fireworks!  I crack the window to warn and hear instead of some talk of another contest..........SOON!  Who on earth is she talking to?
What will it be?
Stay tuned...
same Mossy (Batman) channel....

p.s. you have to be oooold to "get" the Batman reference above!  :)

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  1. oh my gosh!!!! my math estimation skills worked!!!! yeah!!!! have fun at the rose festival! my address is coming your way!!! thanks for the fireworks show---a great beginning to weekend fun :)


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My Girls
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