My Girls

My Girls

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sugar cookies, mOssy and cherry pie?????

I rolled the cookies, sprinkled abit more sweetness to each and popped them in the oven.  Returning to an earlier batch, I scooped them unto a pedestal cake plate as Adele finished her last Rumor Has It.  Adele and then cookie plates are a new and old obsession.   Put anything on a pedestal and BAM some gotta have, gotta need, gotta buy turns on like a flashing neon sign in my soul.  Okay, I realize this is abit dramatic, but seriously, what doesn't look better with a little elevation?  And speaking of soul.  Adele's every lyric speaks of hers.  Mossy informed me that NOBODY can sing like Adele.  "Hmmmmmm," was my reply which brought on one of her eyebrows shooting straight up and under her hat.  As I repeated the rhythm of cookie baking, I inquired of Mossy's activities.  "Cheerio" was her very exuberant reply and then "poof" she went.   Funny, her cheerio sounded more like cherrio.   Mossy's latest royal obsession is - guess.......  I could give you 3, but you would not require it.  I find every bit of Kate & Prince Williams' interviews on my menu list of recordings.  I must admit this gnome thing can be very disconcerting at times.  There is a surprise around every corner, though most are delightful.  Like the wee tiny cherry pie, I found amongst my cookies.  "Wow, MOssy, your cherry pie is a masterpiece,"  I exclaimed.  "Thank you,"  she squeaked reappearing, as she began to rattle on about Friday and 4 o'clock and then something about Bebe's favorite dessert.  "What?"  I wanted to know.  "Are you planning a Royal Wedding Party?"  Tis then moSsy began to strut her stuff.  She sidled to one side holding up the tip of her skirt.  She sidled to the other side switching sides of her skirt edge.  With each move she made she cut her eyes over that shoulder winking exaggeratedly along the way.  Suddenly with a rather dramatic pause she sings "RUMOR HAS IT!" 

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My Girls

My Girls
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